Hola: Free VPN to bypass internet restrictions and open blocked websites

Hola Unblocker is a free VPN service that lets you bypass internet restrictions and open blocked websites, without anyone knowing about it. Hola is a simple and easy tool that anyone can use without even knowing the meaning of VPN or Virtual Private Network. What basically Hola does, is that it lets you unblock and access blocked or restricted websites in your country by connecting you to the network of the country in which that website is available.

Hola Unblocker browser extension


Hola is installed as a browser extension, and it can be used from the browser itself. To get started, you need to press the small Hola button so that you can view the top websites that are blocked in your country. For an example Netflix is blocked in India, but I can intelligently use it with the help of Hola. It displays around 6 websites that are blocked in your country but you can view all of them by clicking the ‘Popular Sites’ link.

How to view a non-popular website from a different country:

  1. Open a Website by entering its URL.
  2. Click the small Hola icon.
  3. Choose a country from which you want to view the website and wait till the processing completes.
  4. To go back to your own country click the same Hola icon and click on ‘Back to your country’ button to revert the changes made.

Hola unblocker vpn

To view the VPNs you are using, you can click the My Settings option and you will be redirected to page displaying the VPNs you are using for different websites. You can directly open those websites from the same page you’ve been redirected.

Another feature Hola exhibits is the Internet Accelerator which is indeed a useful tool. The accelerator can be easily switched on or off from the Hola extension. Accelerator not only accelerates the internet speed but also reduces the bandwidth usage and hence consumes less leaving behind more bandwidth for browsing the web. The accelerator can even help you reduce internet costs up to some extent.

Hola is an amazing extension to access blocked websites and to accelerate internet speeds as well. It maintains your online privacy by using the simple concept of hiding your IP address. It is much easier and faster than manually using a proxy. You can even get more features by creating a Hola account and then enabling the developer mode.

Overall, it is faster and easier alternative to a proxy and it is more accurate then proxy. Hola offers a great choices between the countries from which you can view a website. If you are a website developer, you can use this tool to see how your website is viewed in different countries.

Bottom Line: Easy and amazing.

Visit Hola.org to learn more and download it.

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