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Downloads: Your Download Box Extension for Chrome browser

Downloads is a free browser extension for Google Chrome web browser that removes the not so appealing download toolbar from the browser that shows up every time you are downloading files using it and replaces it with a symbol. If you do not like the way Chrome handles downloads, you definitely want to take a look at this extension.

Downloads Chrome Extension

Downloads is a simple Chrome browser extension that adds an icon to Chrome browser that a user can invariably use to manage downloads. The extension gives you a fast and easy access to your latest downloads from the top right corner of your window.

Depending on your requirement, you can open downloaded files cancel an ongoing operation or retry a cancelled item with a click of the mouse. As mentioned earlier, the two main features of the extension is the removal of the download toolbar and the integration of a download icon instead in the main toolbar that one can use to manage the file downloads.

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This functionality seems to be a borrowed element from the download interface of the Firefox web browser, since it uses a similar icon and layout for all file downloads. After you start the download following the installation of the extension, you will notice immediately that the download toolbar is not displayed anymore. This highlights that downloads with an icon change to apprise you exactly when new download begins and completes.

A click on the icon displays information about the last five downloads and each download is listed with its

  1. Name
  2. Size, and
  3. “Show in folder” or “Retry download” option.

A blue color is to confirm the download while a green hints the download has completed successfully. One point that counts as a shortfall of this extension is that the toolbar consumes sizable amount of space in the interface. Plus, it displays only a handful of downloads at the same time.