10 best Firefox addons that you should use

In this post, we will take a look at some of  the best add-ons that have made a buzz in the recent past. These Firefox addons and extensions will help you enhance the functionality of your web-browser.

Best Firefox addons

From making things more convenient, to cementing security and stability, and disabling some of the built-in features we don’t like, these addons bring so much awesomeness to the browser! Without further ado, let’s dive into the list.

URL Link

best firefox addons
It’s common to come across broken or segmented links. You opened an email, and the link wasn’t correctly hyperlinked to anywhere. URL Link helps to resolve such issues. It also works with Mozilla’s email client Thunderbird. In addition, it also automatically detects tags such as mailto, and molds the URL accordingly. To make any strings of words act as a URL, select the text, right click on it and chose “Open Selected URL in New Tab” from the context menu. You can download it from here.



A simple add-on which lets you know whether you can go to the back page or not. Many a times while navigating through banking and transactional pages, if you go back, the session expires. This extension is developed to shed lights on the status of such pages. The address bar changes it color to mark the navigation status of the page. If it is red, you shouldn’t go back, if it’s blue, going back won’t cause you any harm. You can get CloseSign add-on from here.



How annoying is it in Firefox that you are required to log-out from a website in order to sign-in to your other account? Multifox fixes that problem. Install the add-on, and Mozilla will allow you multiple sign-in(s). This way you can have 3-4 (or more) Outlook accounts opened simultaneously, you can open multiple Facebook, Twitter or any other service in a similar fashion. You can download it from here.

Self-destructing Cookies

self destructing cookies
It’s no secret that we are being tracked, and one of the easiest ways to log others account is through their browser cookies. Self-destructing Cookies is an add-on that deletes the site and local stored cookies as soon as you close the tab. Not only is it a sound choice from a security standpoint, but will also make your browser swifter. You can download it from here.



Don’t like the web as it is? Don’t worry, Stylish will let you change the appearance of your favorite websites. Once installed, you can change the default theme of Google, Facebook, YouTube, Orkut and many other websites. It has been downloaded over half a million times. Stylish can be downloaded from here.



It probably is one Swiss knife that all Firefox users should have installed on their browsers. This add-on provides the platform to a range of user scripts. The recent update brings Firefox Sync support as well. You can find Greasemonkey here.



Don’t like missing an email alert? Let X-notifier inform you when you receive an email on your Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Yahoo, Aol or any other email account. In addition, you can also get notifications from your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other social networks. X-Notifier can be found here.



If you are a web master or web developer, Firebug is a must-have extension for you. It brings an ample of web development tools to your browser. This way you will be able to monitor HTML, CSS, Java and many other elements and layout work in realtime. You can download it from here.



I can’t stress enough how handy this extension is. Basicallyit saves your recent most typed text, and for some reason – internet failure, browser crash, or need to paste the same thing again, you won’t have to type it, as you can click on the icon at right, and chose the text back and have it written back. You will find Lazarus tool on this page.

Social Fixer

Social Fixer

Let’s face it, many of us don’t like the Facebook’s user interface. While some of us want those adverts to be off the page, some find the settings hard to navigate and could use a better alternative. Here, Social Fixer is the best add-on for that. Hate your friends posting about a game or speaking out movie spoilers? Don’t want to read the status updates you have already read once? Well, that’s Social Fixer for you. You can find Social Fixer here.

Have any favorites? Do let us know!

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