10 best Chrome extensions to install

Google Chrome has become one of the most popular web browsers. Users looking for a cleaner, faster and simpler web browser soon adopted Google Chrome, and it soon started making a mark in the browser space. The best part of Chrome is its minimal interface, free from annoying stacks of toolbars and its myriad of extensions.

Best Chrome extensions

Chrome extensions which get installed within a few seconds can enhance your web surfing experience greatly. Most of the internet users have now become accustomed to the world of browser extensions for our browsing and surfing.

Here I pick out our favorite 10 best Chrome extensions. All of these extensions are available in the Chrome Web Store, and I must mention here that the list is in no particular order of preference.

TabCloudtabcloud chrome extension

Most of us have too many tabs opened when we work on our computer, and TabCloud is thus one of the most important Chrome extensions for avid internet users. It can moreover sync your browser tabs across computers so that you can save and restore different window sessions on any of your machines later. You just need a Gmail account to use TabCloud, and it then saves all your internet sessions and orders them with date and time. You can open or delete the saved sessions just with a single click on (-) or (+) buttons. Give up the old-school Bookmarking and save your tabs with TabCloud. Get it here.

Grammarly Litegrammarly
While there are many other services and websites that detect your silly typos with their spell check tools, Grammarly Lite is far beyond just underlining the incorrect words. It corrects phonetic mistakes along with spelling mistakes and also helps with many grammatical errors, like irregular verb conjugations, misused words correction, preposition errors, erroneous usage of nouns/pronouns, etc. You do not need to use any dictionary tool if you are using Grammarly Lite; just select any word on any webpage and the extension will give you its meaning with its correct usage. It works with every website over the web and helps you with through grammar and contextual spell checker. Grammarly Lite also works on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. so now you don’t have to worry about the grammatical or spelling errors in your status updates or even in chats. In short, Grammarly protects you anywhere you write. Get it here. Update: Go check out Grammarly for Chrome & Firefox now.

We can’t keep the same passwords for all the websites for security reasons and memorize so many passwords is just not my thing. LastPass is an easy and secure way to manage your passwords online. It also automatically fills in the online forms for you, and the notes feature to let you store other sensitive information safe and handy. Its comprehensive help file and tutorial videos explain its features greatly. Overall it is a great way to simplify password management. Get it here.

Send From Gmailsend from gmail
Get a quick button to compose a Gmail message with this wonderful Chrome extension. This is a handy extension which opens a Gmail Compose window instantly with the page title as the subject of the email and selected page text and link address as the message. Get it here.

While there are many other popular screenshot tools available, Nimbus is another very useful screenshot Chrome extension with many good features. One of its best features is that it works offline also. It includes more editing tools than other popular screenshot tools available online. Nimbus also offers online storage of screenshots, storage in Google Drive and a better interface. Get it here.


As the name suggests this extension helps you focusing on your work. This is one of the best Chrome extensions if you are noticing yourself killing your precious time on time-wasting and distracting websites like Facebook. You can set a time limit for such websites, and the extension will automatically block it after the set time limit. The extension also offers an option to block the websites which you feel are wasting your time. Get it here.


The name tells all about the extension. Yes, this extension helps you shorten the links instantly with Google’s own URL shortener goo.gl. The program shortens the URL and copies it to your clipboard for pasting it anywhere. The extension also generates a QR code which further helps you to open that page on your mobile device. Get it here.


I like this extension pretty much as it splits my Chrome windows into two. I click on a link in left windows, and it opens in the right one arranging both pages side by side. This provides a better readability, and you do not need to toggle between the tabs anymore. Get it here.

History Timelinehistorytimeline

I know Google Chrome allows us to view our browsing History, but this extension serves us better. It creates a visual timeline with pictures of all our browsing history using OpenGraph meta-data. The history results with this extension are grouped by domains and with just a single click you can view all the pages you visited on that particular domain. Get it here.

Swift Preview swiftpreview

With this extension installed on your browser, you do not need to open too many tabs. Just hover your mouse on any link and the program will show you a full preview of the page in an overlay window. The preview disappears as soon as you remove your cursor from the link. SwiftPreview provides a faster and smoother browsing experience. Get it here.

Extensions Manager (Aka Switcher)

best Chrome extensions

Last but not the least, this is one of the most needed Chrome extensions. Chrome, however, allows users to manage their extensions, but it takes too many steps to do so, and this is where the Extensions Manager helps. This extension lands a new button on your toolbar and lets you access all your installed apps and extensions with just a single click. The Extensions Manager will manage all your extensions and lets you access your extensions, disable/enable them or even remove them from Chrome. After seeing my list if you are planning to install all of these extensions, I bet you will desperately need an Extension Manager. Get it here.

Google Chrome has an endless collection of extensions and utilities, and it just won’t be possible for anyone to select the ten best Chrome extensions out of it. We’ve still tried to cover some really good and useful extensions here. Google Chrome keeps expanding by time, and we will surely get some more of wonderful extensions this year.

These extensions will help you set up Mouse Gestures. Then there are others like the Office Online extension that let you create Office documents.

Do let me know if I am missing some important ones here. I can install many more of them in my toolbar as I have Extensions Manager to manage them all. 🙂

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  1. broizen

    HoverReader lets you preview any link by hovering over it! I highly recommend it!


  2. I’ve developed an extension for Google Chrome that helps Chrome users to manage their opened tabs like cards on board, pin important tabs on extra drawer board and search for opened tabs using voice and speech recognition (English & Arabic) in HTML5.

    The extension now available in Google Chrome web store at the name “Tabs Board” or click here http://goo.gl/GpfZPX to view it in web store, i’ve provided video of installation and how to use.

  3. daniel

    There are many chrome extensions in webstore. It make choosing the best extensions is more difficult. There’s an review website that select most useful extensions to help you pick the right extensions. You can also send them an extensions request if you want some specific functionality in your browser.
    here is the site:

  4. chetan sahni

    I am wondering why nobody has mentioned Spell Bee! It is iPhone style auto-correct for chrome. It is the reason why I shifted from Firefox to Chrome.

  5. Peter A. van Rijswijk

    Checker plus for Gmail
    You can do almost anything you can in gmail and more without ever needing to open gmail


  6. Olga Kurbanova

    CRX mouse allows you browsing using the gestures of the mouse instead of keys – the good one!


  7. kiquenet kiquenet

    full source code about it?

  8. Oink And Stuff

    Facebook for Work (it’s a small and discrete window) perfect Facebook App for your office:


  9. chris miraillet

    swift preview doesn’t exists anymore it seems

  10. Thanks, will get the post edited soon.

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