10 best Opera extensions, plugins & add-ons

Opera is one of the most popular web browsers being used by more than 200 million users worldwide. The best part about Opera web browser is that it is a lightweight program and doesn’t consume much memory on your PC. It is considered extremely productive in terms of features and a good list of extensions which improve its functionality.

Best Opera extensions

Opera offers many extensions to make your browsing easy and fast. I have handpicked some of the best Opera extensions. Below is a rundown of the 10 useful Opera extensions.

Turn Off Lightsturn off lights opera add on

If you watch online videos frequently, this add-on is just for you. Just a click on the lamp button with bring an automatic focus on the video you are watching and rest of the page will fade dark. Click on the lamp button again and you will return back to normal. The add-on further includes an option to turn on/off the fade in and fade out effects. This add-on supports various image sites and video sites like Flickr, Picasa, YouTube, HTML5 Video and many more. Get it here.

BugMeNot Opera Extensionbugme not

This is a very useful extension which provides you usernames and passwords and let bypass mandatory free registration on websites. Furthermore, the extension also encourage you to use disposable email address services to create accounts on such annoying websites. So, whenever you come across any such annoying webpage asking you to register, just click the ‘BugMeNot button of this extension, and it will give you some nice free login details. Get it here.

Web of Trust (WOT)WOT

This extension helps you to browse  the web more safely when you are browsing or searching online. It shows colored lights next to the search results which help you to take decisions about whether to trust a website or not.  Similar to the traffic light, WOT shows a green light with each trusted website, yellow light shows that you need to be cautious when using a site and the red light warns about potential threats in a web result. These ratings are powered by a global community of millions of users who rate websites based on their personal experiences. Get it here. 

Google Translategoogle translate

Translating the text becomes extremely handy when you have a translate extension installed on your Opera browser. Installing the Google Translate Opera add on make the translation process a lot easier and faster. Just install it, and the extension will recognize when a page is not in your primary language. It will then send you a request to translate and the extension will reload the page with the translated text. Get it here.


This is a simple extension which uses Mozilla’s PDF.js (http://mozilla.github.io/pdf.js/) to display PDF files directly in your Opera browser. This is an HTML5 technology experiment and renders Portable Document Format (PDF) without any native code assistance.

Instant Dictionaryinstant dictionary

As the name suggests this is a dictionary add-on for your Opera web browser. It is a simple, fast and customizable extension. Just double-click any word of phrases on web pages and then press shift-key, the extension will give you a quick definition. Furthermore, it works as an auto-detecting language of selected text and also translate it. Get it here.

Gmail on Speed Dialgmail speed dial

This extension shows you a preview of all your unread mails in Gmail. To use this extension you need to be logged in your Gmail account. Clicking on the speed dial button takes you straight to your Gmail inbox and if you are logged out it will take you to the Gmail login page. Get it here.


Ghostery is a well-known web service helps you in tracking beacons, web bugs, and cookies right from your browser. Once you install the extension, a small ghost appears on the upper right corner of your browser and detects the hidden web-scripts on a Web Page. As you open a tab, a quick a purple box appears with the details of companies tracking your information. Get it here.

FB PurityFB Purity

This is a useful extension for you if you are an avid Facebook user. It lets you clean up and customize your Facebook by filtering out all the spam messages, spam applications and other annoying message types. You can check out all the hidden messages just by clicking on the F.B Purity button on your web browser. Get it here.

Advanced Tab Killertab killer

This extension allows you to quickly close tabs on the left or right of the current. It is a handy add-on especially designed to provide users with a means of closing all the tabs next to the active one. The pop up slider of the extension let you move either to the left or to the right and have all the tabs in that direction closed instantly. Get it here.

Opera has quickly gained popularity because of its good response time and its extensions. These Opera extensions provide you with a speedy, clutter free and clean experience.

Do let us know if you have some favorite Opera extensions which have not found mention here.

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  1. Anonymous

    This is new shitty Opera which needs extensions for even basic functionality I will never leave old Opera 12.16.



  3. ErnieK

    I have been a long time user of Opera going way back to when it had to be paid for [not sure if it was opera 2 or 3] and recommended it to lots of folks. But not any longer.

    Nowadays it is a load of rubbish [please note I am being polite here]. there is no longer any user full control. It does not allow the user to have even the basic functions without plug-insadd-ons. I still have version 12.16 installed, which by now is out of date [security wise]. I have been pushed to Firefox which was my alternate browser and which I am not that keen on for the main browser on my PC’s but have no choice at the moment.

    Please do not suggest IE as my main browser as I have never liked it. This is [only] used for MS Updates and patches otherwise I would try to remove it from my PC’S. As for chrome I would not put that onto my worst enemy’s PC.

  4. john

    opera version 12 was the best for tab handling. the way you could merge tabs into one group and expand and contract them is great

  5. torwald

    Opera 12.16 – what a lovely browser. I still use it, when I need a heavy duty browser. And my bookmarks (over 1000) are easy to find. The only bug in my use has been “…not responding” – I can tolerate that.

  6. Opera 12 love still strong here 😀

    Not sure why you include the terrible “BugMeNot” plugin, as the site is full of spam details that don’t work.
    No Cleanups happen, so some of the details are also many years out of date.

    “Turn Out The Lights” plugin is also pointless if you use any of the multifunction video plugins, as they all include it.
    “ExtendTube”, “SmartVideo”, and “MediaPlus” will all dim the lights and much more (include blocking adverts).

    Ghostery should be installed alongside Web Of Trust.
    For AV protection, there is the VirusTotal and Dr.Web plugins.
    “Geo Data for IP” shows you important information about the site you are on, and can help you spot fake or hijacked sites.
    The “Web Cache” plugin can fetch pages from archives if a site is down.
    “Stylish” will allow you to customise many of your fave sites with new themes.
    “SearchGBY” gives you Google, Bing and Yahoo in 1 search.
    “SocialShare” adds your choice of sharing options to the right-click.
    “Seesu” music player, gives you access to streaming audio from many sites, rather than only 1.
    “Redirect Bypasser” and “LinkRedirector” allow you to click on the destination link at the end of an obfuscated redirect, or to be able to copy and paste the real links from Google etc. without the extra rubbish.
    “Dyslexop” changes site fonts to use the open source Dyslexia font.
    “CSS PrefixeR” allows Opera to handle CSS written for other browsers.
    “SaveFrom.net” can extract the video and audio from many sites.
    “ImagePreviewer” opens pictures without having to click on them, which makes scanning collections quicker.

  7. Alex

    After Instant Translate (https://addons.opera.com/en/extensions/details/instant-translate-2/?display=en) is ported on Opera, I use it. Google Translate has poor functionality.

  8. Bugase

    Installing an extension needs only few seconds. In my opinion it’s much better to have only what you want in your browser without unused functionalities only making it slower.

  9. Sydney

    it’s obvious this writer doesn’t know anything about useful extensions. practically all the extensions suggested here are useless.

  10. Stef

    OK so you have a different opinion. We get that!

  11. Morin

    i wont leave my opera v12,, the new opera version like 26.xx i ass hole browser

  12. Romeo

    Adblock plus the best i got.

  13. Romeo

    Can you return from Opera 32 to Opera 12 ?

  14. dsgds

    Opera 12.16 forever!

  15. CFandHappy

    Today I uninstalled Google Chrome which I was finding horrendously slow and buggy – okay, I’m on a years old laptop with Vista installed, but still – and am hoping Opera is going to be better. It’s faster so far, a lot faster!!! I’m glad to see it has Browsec, I can’t live without that as a Brit who likes to watch videos on US sites a lot!

  16. Preston Scott

    Frankly, only thing I don’t like about Opera is it doesn’t work on some Amazon com Seller sites. Amazon has been notified, but for several years has chosen to do absolutely nothing about it. I haven’t found many other bugs other than Amazon com.

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