Nine Chrome Browser Extensions to improve your productivity

The Internet is the most quintessential feature of Desktop PC (or any other gadget as a matter of fact). With the internet, you also require a good web browser to compile the codes and show in the correct manner. Although there are plenty of web browsers out on the market Google’s Chrome Browser seems to be the most preferred. Today we will be talking about some of the Chrome Browser extensions which will increase your overall productivity and help you use the Internet in a much more creative way. We have already taken a look at some of the 10 best Chrome extensions to install – today in this post we take a look at those which improve productivity.

Chrome Browser Extensions to improve productivity


Chrome Browser Extensions to improve productivity

If you are someone who likes to work in a silent workplace, but the place you are working is a tidbit noisier, and you get distracted soon? Noisli is the best application to help you with; it will simply play a rainfall, fire crackling sound or birdsong which will make a virtual calm atmosphere. The extension does provide a built-in timer and text editor which will aim at helping you to get a bit more productive in case you need to note down something while working in a hurry.

Strict Workflow

This happens to be the best plugin in order to use your time as efficiently as possible. The Strict Workflow plugin happens to be setting a 25-minute timer for you to work and will let you have a break of 5 minutes. The plugin will block all the websites which are popular to be distracting you such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other. Although if you use YouTube or Facebook for some work, then you can personalize the application with your need.


If you are browsing for some research papers and you get to a website reading some attractive article or sharing the article on Facebook, then the StayFocusd app will remind you by restricting the access for some said period of time to the distracting and unproductive website. The plugin is configurable and will let you configure it according to your needs. The plugin support time of the day where some websites are allowed while in the work time the websites are blocked. Download it here.


The extension provides the same functionality as does the web app and mobile app does. This plugin helps the person to increase the daily input and outcome. The app lets you write reminders and different meeting agendas, tasks and notes that too while reading emails or reading websites. This app is also available on iPhone and Android and syncs with it easily. Download it here


This app works the best when it comes to running away from distractions this is just like a redirect system which will redirect the distractions to useful places. For Example, will redirect Facebook to Google hence you can become more productive with this application. The extension also shows you different types of quotes, and if it finds that you are on a page which is less productive and is distracting you, then it will immediately redirect you to something which is productive. Download it here.


This is just like the 3D touch feature of the iPhone, like when you will hard press on a link it will open in a Pop In Window same is with Hovercards, when you hover the mouse over a link it will open in a card which will be hovering over to the website you are currently on, and hence will make multitasking much easier. This will enable you to read the content of the next link that too easily without changing the tabs and open a new window. Download it here.

Be Limitless

This application covers more than one feature and contains most of the information from the above-found plugins so you can keep just one plugin instead of 2 or 3 plugins mentioned above. The plugin allows you to add notes and the to-do list while working on the dashboard and you will be reminded of your goals and the events which are upcoming. Will even display you a couple of motivational quotes. Download it here.


If you have more than one extension, then it may become quite difficult to manage. This extension helps you to manage all the extension you have. This will also give you a list of resources which are used by the extensions, so if your PC is slowing down while working, then you can use this extension or plugin to find the culprit. Download it here.


While working, we get many different interesting websites, articles and other but we soon exit it to save the time, and then we don’t get them again. This situation can be saved by using the Pocket extension where you can see the popular article suggestions on your home page and will help you while you are taking a break. Download it here.

These are our Chrome Browser Extension picks to help you out and be more productive. Do let us know about your pick in the comment section below.

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