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Google Chrome won’t clear Browsing History and Data

Google Chrome is the most popular browser. In today’s day and age, we end up browsing hundreds of websites every day and leave a trail of browser history. Google uses the browser history to streamline and better our web browsing […]

Mute tabs on Google Chrome

How to mute Tabs in Chrome browser on Windows PC

The internet is bursting out video and audio advertisements, making you feel like standing in one noisy marketplace. And when you are working on several tabs in one time, it can be perplexing to spot which tab is making all […]

Screen Flickering in Chrome

Fix Google Chrome screen flickering issue on Windows 10

Is your Google Chrome screen constantly flickering after a Windows 10 upgrade? Several users encountered an issue of screen flickering in Chrome when they upgraded to a recent Windows 10 build. The strange part is that only Google Chrome gets […]

Voice typing

How to enable Voice Typing Everywhere in Google Chrome

An average individual can write around 40 words/min but can speak over 150 words/min. It is a unanimously accepted fact that we can speak much faster than we can type. Furthermore, in the empire of smartphones with assistants like Google […]

Multimedia keys not working in Chrome

Multimedia keys not working when Chrome is open

Chrome recently introduced a new feature that allowed to use keyboard shortcuts to control multimedia playback. In other words, you can control Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and other media players via this keyboard shortcut. The feature also extends to other websites […]


ERR_ICANN_NAME_COLLISION error on Google Chrome browser

If you see an error message ERR_ICAN_NAME_COLLISION when browsing the web using Google Chrome browser on your Windows 10 PC, then here are a few things you could try to resolve the problem. This issue is caused due to an […]

How to show or hide the Home button in Chrome browser

Most web browsers feature a Home button. The specialty of this button is that when accessed, it directs a user back to their already set homepage. However, with the passage of the time, it slowly being removed from browsers in […]

Fix YouTube full screen video lag or glitch

Chrome is the most-used browser on Windows systems. YouTube is the most popular video-streaming website. Thus, you would find a lot of users using YouTube on Google Chrome. However, at times, users using YouTube on Google Chrome have reported a […]

Using Google Play Movies & TV extension for Chrome browser

Media services like Amazon Prime, Netflix and others allow you to choose the benefits that matter to you. You can watch movies, TV shows and documentaries on multiple devices. Most of them are even commercial free. These benefits and many […]

Chrome says – Managed by your organization

Google Chrome browser may sometimes display a message reading – Managed by your organization. This message can be confusing for Windows 10 Home users. Why? As the name implies, these users are not a part of any organization. As such, […]

How to install Chrome Themes on the new Microsoft Edge browser

Microsoft has recently made their all-new Microsoft Edge browser powered by Chromium available to be tested as a public preview. We have earlier talked about, installing extensions from the Chrome Web Store on Microsoft Edge, Syncing browser data on Microsoft Edge, […]

Fix ERR_UNSAFE_PORT error on Google Chrome on Windows 10

Google Chrome is the world’s most used web browser. But like any other software, it is prone to errors. One such error is the ERR_UNSAFE_PORT error. This is caused due to data being accessed using a port that is not recommended. […]

chrome high memory usage

Reduce Chrome memory usage & make it use less RAM

Google Chrome is a popular browser. The main reason behind its reliability is the fact that it runs on Chromium. Microsoft has recently announced moving Microsoft Edge to the Chromium engine. Many users, however, report that they have been spotting […]