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How to install Progressive Web Apps in Chrome on Windows 10

As more and more businesses continue to target customers on mobile devices, the reach of Progressive Web Apps is witnessing an upward trend. Google has been promoting Progressive Web Apps for quite some time now. The company strongly believes the […]

Twitch not working on Chrome in Windows

If you’re a video game streamer, then you should already know that Twitch is the best place to show off your skills and possibly earn some cash. It has been this way for years despite the many competitions. With the […]

How to restore the classic old Google Chrome design

The latest version of the Chrome browser comes with material design. However, if you liked the charm of the old design you can revert back to the old Google Chrome design by following the steps in this article. Chrome is […]

Fix Error Code 105 in Google Chrome

Error Code 105 ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED in Google Chrome

When browsing through the internet if you receive an error which says Error 105 (net:: ERR NAME NOT RESOLVED): Unable to resolve the server’s DNS address, it means that DNS lookup has failed. This is one of most common error code you […]



Anything which has DNS  issue with its error code points to a network issue. If you see This webpage is not available, DNS PROBE FINISHED BAD CONFIG error in Google Chrome browser; it means that your computer is not able to […]

Fix ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error on Chrome browser

If you encounter ERR_CONNECTION_RESET in Chrome when browsing a few websites, this means, the browser is not able to establish a stable or absolutely no connection with the website you want to open. While some websites open just fine, others show […]

Err Connection Timed Out Issue in Google Chrome

Fix Err Connection Timed Out issue in Chrome on Windows 10

When connecting to a website, if Google Chrome browser fails to fetch the website to the browser, it throws an error saying This webpage is not available – ERR CONNECTION TIMED OUT. Apart from the Network issue, there can be multiple […]

Chrome won’t Open or Launch

Fix Chrome won’t open or launch on Windows PC

If you are stuck because Google Chrome browser won’t open or launch or load web pages, then the chances are that either the Chrome files have been corrupted or some plugin is taking up a lot of resources. It may […]

NETWORK_FAILED error in Chrome

Fix NETWORK_FAILED error in Chrome browser on Windows PC

When browsing using Chrome, you get an error saying NETWORK_FAILED. This simply means that it is not able to send your request through the network connection. So, either your PC has an issue connecting to a stable internet connection or a plugin […]

Fix Google Chrome error He’s Dead, Jim!

Fix Google Chrome error He’s dead, Jim!

Ever saw an error in Chrome with the message ‘He’s Dead, Jim!’ and with a funny looking face with his tongue out? Along with this, Chrome also outputs more specific error which says ‘Either Chrome Ran out of memory or process […]

Fix ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE error in Chrome on Windows 10

Google Chrome is the world’s number one web browser and that’s because the search giant focused on following web standards. While over the years the browser has become quite bloated, it’s still at the top of the pile. Now, if […]

How to enable Chrome native notifications on Windows 10

Windows 10 notification system contains the icons for easy access to the system functions. Google Chrome has recently rolled out a new notification experience update where it supports the native Windows 10 notifications. The new notification experience prompts all the […]

Change background of New Tab page in Chrome browser

Change the background of New Tab page in Google Chrome

One important change that was noticed in the latest version of Google Chrome browser – Chrome 68 was handing out ‘Not secure’ label in the address bar of websites not using HTTPS. Apart from this, the browser added the capability […]

How to turn off Chrome URL AutoComplete feature on Windows PC

Autocomplete suggestions are useful when you want to revisit the websites. If you have visited a website earlier from your system, the Google algorithm stores the results to give future suggestions and predictions based on the loaded web results. Basically, […]

Fix ERR_CONNECTION_ABORTED error in Chrome browser

Many times when we are trying to browse the Internet, we get many types of errors. Sometimes, it is because the Internet connection is not working properly. Or sometimes you IP Address may be blocked by some websites to ultimately […]