Best 5 Microsoft Edge Browser Extensions you want to download

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  1. It would have been good to have included a review of these extensions too. In my experience Amazon Assistant and Save to Pocket work fine, just like they do on Chrome. I have not used page analyzer so cannot comment. Mouse gestures works as you would expect it too. It also sometimes requires you to repeat the gesture once or twice as is the case with any mouse gesture extension I have used in in Chrome or Firefox. Opera is still the gold standard for mouse gestures that just work. Every time.
    The real problem child is Last Pass, which is disappointing as it is potentially the most useful extension. First issue is that Last Pass is incapable of remembering your email address, meaning you have to type it in each time you start a LastPass session. Next issue is that LastPass does not always recognize that you have a saved password for the site you are visiting. There is one particular site that I have two user accounts on and LastPass insists on only showing me the account I don’t usually use when visiting the site. Of course if I search my LastPass vault, it happily shows me both user accounts. Finally, LastPass frequently just quits and no longer responds requiring a restart of Edge. It seems that LastPass on Edge has some way to go before it is really usable on a daily basis. (Actually the same can be said for Edge too.)

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