Best Chrome extensions to setup Mouse Gestures

Undoubtedly, Google Chrome is one of the best browsers available for the Windows OS, and people use this browser to get a fast, smooth, and strong user experience while browsing the web. Like the nearest competitor, Firefox, Google Chrome also has a huge list of free extensions in the Chrome Web Store that let you do the certain task faster and enrich the browser’s functionality. Here are some very useful Chrome extensions to setup Mouse Gestures. They can assist you in using the browser in a quicker way.

Chrome extensions to setup Mouse Gestures

1] Gestures for Google Chrome

Chrome extensions to setup Mouse Gestures

Gestures for Google Chrome helps users to setup various gestures according to the requirements. Apart from having some preset mouse gestures, you can create new if you want. After installing this extension, head over to the corresponding Options page of this, go to Actions tab to find and create gestures. You can use take the help of the given arrow/s to know how the gestures work and even use right-clicks of your mouse to draw that gesture.

2] Mouse Gesture Events

Mouse Gesture Events Best Chrome extensions to setup mouse gestures

Mouse Gesture Events is a very easy to use Chrome extension to set up mouse gestures in Google Chrome. Although it does not come with as many options as the extension mentioned above, you can do all the basic tasks with the help of this extension. After the installation, you can press the right-click button of your mouse to draw certain gestures and perform tasks. The best part of this extension is that you can save all the settings in your computer and restore them when required.

3] Chrome Gestures

Chrome gestures Best Chrome extensions to setup mouse gestures

Chrome Gestures is yet another similar Chrome extension, but it works in a different way. You need to use the right-click to draw all the gestures, but this extension needs you to press the Alt key while drawing any gesture. Talking about the functionality of this extension, you can have only ten gestures, viz. – Close the tab, open a new tab, refresh current tab, go to the previous/next tab, etc. You can get an overview of the available gestures from the image above.

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4] smartUp Gestures

smartup gestures Best Chrome extensions to setup mouse gestures

smartUp Gestures is probably the most feature-rich extension in this category. Not only does it offer right-click gestures, it also offers Mouse wheel gesture, actions in the context menu, super drag gesture, simple drag gesture, etc. After the installation, you need to setup everything correctly from the Settings panel. Following that, you can use your right-click button of your mouse to draw gestures to open/close tab, refresh the current page, search text in the background, close the next/previous tab and much more.

5] Drag and Go

Drag and Go Best Chrome extensions to setup mouse gestures

Drag and Go is the simplest Chrome extension to setup mouse gestures in Google Chrome. The advantage of using this extension is that you do not need to go through any complicated settings – and the disadvantage of this extension is that you have very limited actions. Unlike other extensions as mentioned above, you cannot setup anything except a couple of functions like Alt key selection, Ctrl key selection, choose between right-click or left-click, etc.

TIP: Just Gestures will let you add Mouse Gestures to your Windows Mouse.

If you can remember and need loads of actions, you can opt for smartUp Gestures. However, if you need a simple Chrome extension to configure gestures, Mouse Gesture Events seems to be useful for you. In general, you can start using any of these extensions to carry out tasks faster in Google Chrome on your Windows PC.

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    The best gesture utility for Chrome is the Vivaldi browser.

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