Best Google Chrome extensions to speed up and improve browsing experience

Browsing the web with Google Chrome can both be a pain and awesome at the same time. If you’re having problems, maybe a few extensions can fix it, extensions that are designed to improve browsing experiencing.

Google Chrome adopted extensions not too long after it first came on the scene, ultimately making the web browser a worthy competitor to Firefox. At first, the extensions weren’t as powerful, but that changed eventually, and now the browser has transformed into one of the must have web browsers for scouring the Internet.

Chrome extensions to speed up & improve browsing experience

Chrome extensions to speed up & improve browsing experience

There are several extensions that are not needed if you’re not interested in switching from Chrome. For example, Xmarks is not necessary since Chrome has a built-in bookmark synchronization feature. With this feature, users can access their bookmarks anywhere they use Chrome. Whether it be on the desktop or mobile, their bookmarks will follow them.

Let’s get down to business and talk about the best Google Chrome extensions to improve your life on the web:

1] better Browser – for Chrome: Users of Firefox will know this extension as FasterFirefox. This extension is all about enhancing your web searches. If a user wants to know the meaning of a word, just highlight it and watch as the definition pops up before your very eyes. It’s like magic, but more practical.

On Google Search, there’s an infinite scroll feature tacked in. No longer will users have to click next to visit second or third pages, just keep scrolling until what you’re looking for reveals itself.

There are more features to find with better Browser – for Chrome, so head over to the extension page to check it out.

2] Feedly: After the death of Google Reader, thousands of refugees took to the streets in search of a new home. Many stretched out their hands, but Feedly was the one that got most former Google Reader users interested.

This extension is all about having your feed under a single roof where they can be accessed quite easily.

We like the fact that the icon shows the number of unread stories in the feed, so users will always be kept updated.

3] Crowdfire: If you’re reading this, then you’re a regular user of the web, and as such must love to share things to social networks. If you’re truly that type of person, then Crowdfire is the extension for you. When it comes down to posting to Twitter and Instagram, this extension is the boss. Users can post whatever they want at the same time, and they can even set a timeframe.


It’s pretty impressive, and intuitive too.

4] Save to Pocket: So you’re browsing the web and came across an interesting article on The Windows Club. However, you do not have much time to waste because your robot date is waiting outside on its fire-breathing DragonShark. Not to worry, it is possible to save the article for reading later with Save to Pocket.

The extension is now an important aspect of Firefox, so you know it is worth the ride.

5] Momentum: This is a decent extension for Google Chrome. It is all about giving folks momentum to get things done, so if you’re one of those folks, give this extension a  spin. With this extension, users can track their to-do list and get inspired with a daily image and quote. It can also remind you about stuff you should be focusing on.

Let us have your recommendations too.

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