Baidu Spark Browser for Windows: Feature-rich, speedy, lightweight, customizable

Baidu Spark is a free, lightweight and an intuitive Chromium based alternative browser for Windows, that comes with amazing and never seen before features. Built upon the Chromium engine, Spark is amazingly fast, lightweight and customizable. The most appreciated feature in the Baidu Spark is the built-in torrent client. Now you don’t need to install a separate Torrent Client, as the browser itself can do the task. Moreover it features a built-in media downloader that allows you to download media content from web pages.

Baidu Spark Browser

Baidu Spark browser

Let us check out the features of Baidu Spark Browser.

Mouse Gestures

Spark supports around 14 gestures which can be activated by simply clicking the right mouse button and performing the gesture to perform a corresponding task. You can view the gestures and their functions by going into Settings and then into Tools.

Baidu Gestures

Built-In Media Downloader

The Built-In media downloader comes handy when you want to download video or MP3 files from different websites. If there is a downloadable media content on a web page, then the small TV icon would turn blue and you can click that button to download the videos or any other media content.

Pop-Up Video Player

A very useful feature that opens up a video in a separate window, you can maximize it to full screen or use the player controls to go to the full screen mode. The pop-up window will only display the video not the entire webpage.

Browser Doctor

Your very own Browser Doctor can help you out if you are facing some common issues while viewing or operating websites. To open, click on Browser Doctor from the Menu and mark the issues you are facing and the doctor will try to fix them up.

Screenshot Tool

The built-in screenshot tool lets you create full webpage screenshots and you can even capture a screenshot for a defined area. The saved screenshot can be further used for printing as some elements may go missing while using a normal print dialog.

Account Syncing

Like Google Chrome, you can login to Baidu Spark to sync your settings across various devices.

Built-In Torrent Client

The most useful feature of Spark is the built-in Torrent client. The torrent client is really amazing and the best part about it is that it integrates very well with the browser. There are two different speed modes, the first mode can be enabled when you want to browse the internet along with torrents downloading at a slower rate and the second mode can be selected if you want the torrents to download at their maximum speed without any interference.


There are numerous other features that it has to offer. Features that Baidu Spark offers are not so common for a normal web browser. The UI is somewhat inspired from Google Chrome so now you can imagine the ease in using this Chrome-based browser. Feature-wise, it could well be the best of Chromium-based web browsers for Windows.

Click here to download Baidu Spark web browser.


After reading the comments I decided to download and install its offline instaler from its home age.

  • It worked smoothly and did not crash.
  • It installed and uninstalled easily.
  • It did not offer or install any third-party crapware or adware, nor change the home page or search settings. Nowhere did it show malware like tendencies.

The only thing is that it offers to set itself as the default browser a couple of times, once during installation, once when you open it the first time and once when you close it the first time. Remember to say No at all times, and you are good to go.

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Lavish loves to follow up on the latest happenings in technology. He loves to try out new Windows-based software and gadgets and is currently learning JAVA. He loves to develop new software for Windows. Creating a System Restore Point first before installing a new software is always recommended, he feels.


  1. Miller

    Downloaded and began the installation process. Then I read their Privacy Policy. That was the end of that.

  2. Ziggy

    This browser promises a lot but each time I’ve tried it one or more of its “amazing and never seen before features” either crashes or just simply fails to work.

  3. Grazzer

    Like a virus, Baidu Spark Browser tries to overpower a computer and mounts a defense when someone tries to remove it.

  4. Lupo

    Chromium based – Google – ye gods! – goodbye…..

  5. Lavish Thakkar

    Hey Ziggy,
    The problem was never faced by me! Please try reinstalling!

  6. I found the same problem also the adaware was no good at getting rid of om explorer

  7. Lavish Thakkar

    Hey Grazzer,

    I feel you are mistaken, here is a screenshot of Spark Uninstalling.
    If you want, i can do a video even!

  8. Bindae

    Baidu ? Privacy.

  9. seti

    Seems most Baidu apps spawn warnings from Norton and Kaspersky that I know of for sure. So, I have become more used to the fact of avoiding Baidu. I did install this and didn’t see any such warnings, but with past experience I never totally trust many programs that have this kind of history. I did uninstall as well.

  10. Grazzer

    There are other, more worthy browsers to choose from.

  11. EkoTeguhTriwisuda

    I’ve just tried Spark with your recommendation to use Offline Spark Installer, and it wasn’t offer any other unwanted application. It’s seem to be lighter than Chrome even newest Firefox. I’m still trying use it. Let’s me see how excellent this Spark browser, it’s true whether not ^_^

  12. Kleber Fainer

    That problem was never faced by me as well, Spark is one of the best browsers out there…

  13. Kleber Fainer

    People’s resistance to Baidu is something amazing…

  14. I’ve found after using the internet for very many years, in fact when personal ones first came out that all these so called top notch browsers are in fact rubbish, I now stick with one namely Firefox, that too has a few faults but in my opinion is as yet the best one I’ve used

  15. czarek

    Where is home icon?

  16. Azza Ahmed

    download mark doesnt work

  17. mangonanny

    Aren’t there any decent alternative browsers out there that are not based on Google/Chromium or Firefox? Those browsers are the reason I am looking for alternatives in the first place. The LAST thing I want is ANYTHING even remotely connected to those Jackboots!!

  18. mangonanny

    Thank you, Anand. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. That WindowsClub list is where I found 6 of the last browsers that I tried. I don’t trust or want any Cloud Browsers and I find when I read through the information about each one of those browsers in that list, that most seem to have a backdoor connection to Chrome or Firefox, and again I don’t trust that.

    I don’t want to get started and invest my time in learning a new browser’s features etc just to find that I am no better off than I was with the browsers that I chose to part from.
    There are a few more on the list that I will look at more closely. I guess I find all the time necessary to investigate and check these out very frustrating as there are things I would much rather be doing.

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