5 anti-mainstream browsers you should give a try


  1. What a fantastic post! I had no idea of any of these browsers, and I’ll sure be giving a few of them a try. Thank you!

  2. “Another good side is that if a user has been using Chrome or Firefox for a long time, it won’t be difficult for him to switch to one of the peculiar alternatives and try out some fresh experience.”

    It will be even less difficult not to bother as they are more than satisfied with what they have and actually use the Internet productively! Novelty for novelty’s sake might have been saleable in the early days. Now the browser takes a very far away back seat to the content. I think not.

    A very weird article. There’s a reason that mainstream is mainstream and I do not for one second believe that any of the alternatives you suggest would be in the least bit put out to find themselves part of the mainstream in the future. Are you really suggesting that these developers main aim in producing software is not to attract too many users and eschew success?

  3. Impressive article! Citrio looks good except for the Ask toolbar, which seems to have a poor standing. Is there anyway of installing this browser without it or is it really not such a big deal?

  4. Hey thanks for your kind words. I don’t like the Ask toolbar either, but you can remove it easily through the Settings menu. Victoria Ivey

  5. Wow thank you for taking pains to write down such a large opinion on the article. All that I have written is exclusively my personal opinion on a topic the way I see it. But I find your last question really interesting so I’ll express my opinion on it.

    If we analyze all major players – like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE we’ll notice that they are universally OK and are made in a way to be neutrally good for everyone with common needs. So by this we can assume that the developers aimed at a large pool of users who don’t have any specific requirements as for the browser.

    At the same time there are not so many users that have a common specific need – like being crazy about their privacy on the Net. And I think the developers of Epic browser realize it. Or there are not so many users who want to chat in social networks without entering a social network itself. And I think the developers of Orbitum realize it too. So from the very beginning they had their target audience in mind (fully realizing it is smaller than Chrome’s audience for example) and aimed at being niche.

    Victoria Ivey

  6. Thanks for the tip to remove the Ask Tool Bar. Tried the browser with varying degrees of success. It’s pretty fast but no faster than Google Chrome and, for some reason, I couldn’t get the video download manager to work. Back to Firefox and I might even try some of the other browsers mentioned in your article. Look forward to your next installment…

  7. Thanks Anand – will keep a copy of your article in my kit of tools. P.S. You run a great site here…

  8. Victoria — Thanks for this very helpful article. I like trying alternative browsers, except for one thing: I LOVE using Adblock in Firefox and Chrome, but do any of the lesser known little brothers have or allow that extension/ad-on, or have something like it built-in?

  9. Not sure if you have revisited Sleipnir lately, the browser is up to version 6. It uses Blink as an engine now, and thus can use Chrome extensions.

  10. Is there any browsers NOT associated with the firefox, explorer, or chromium interface? I get so tired of the way it all looks the same. I just want something totally different and easy to use without having to sit for hours downloading plug-ins and add-ons. Hasn’t anyone ever came up with a new interface? Opera still looks like chrome. Firefox is a nice alternative, but its feeling more and more like chrome with every update… just tired of the same old thing, want something new and different

  11. Thanks for this info, but please fix that “a whole of a” thing. You wrote it twice, so apparently you don’t know it’s supposed to be “a whole other thing.” –In fact, why don’t you just say “something entirely different”? 😀

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