Windscribe VPN hides your IP address so that you cannot be tracked

Using a Virtual Private Network or VPN while surfing the internet is a great idea to avoid being tracked. A VPN hides your IP address from others so that you cannot be tracked. Using a VPN allows you to send and receive data without it being intercepted by miscreants as VPN effectively encrypts the information that passes through the networks and acts as a tunnel between you and the website. Plus there are other benefits of using a VPN like you can access your favorite website which was earlier not accessible because of geographical restrictions.

So, if you like what you are reading then you may be wondering which VPN to use. We have already taken a look at some of the finest free VPN software available for Windows PC. What we are going to tell you will probably make you happy. Windscribe VPN for Windows, is another free VPN that you may want to check out.

Windscribe VPN review

Windscribe VPN helps you disguise your physical location and block trackers on websites you use every day. It offers OpenVPN with AES 256-bit data encryption along with SHA 512 data authentication and a 4096-bit RSA key.

Looking at the free package on offer, you can currently get up to 50GB per month without spending any money. The free service has servers in 11 locations which you can choose.

Using Windscribe VPN

To start using Windscribe VPN, download the client and install the application on your PC. Once the installation is complete, run the application, and you will be prompted to log in by entering the username and password.

Windscribe VPN

Once, you have logged in; you will have to switch ON the VPN client as shown below. Note, if your VPN client is switched Off it turns black. Once you switch it ON, it becomes blue as shown below.

Windscribe VPN

When connected, you can choose the location of the server which you want to connect. The free plan includes locations such as US (East), US (West), US (Central), UK, Canada East, Hong Kong, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and Germany.

Windscribe VPN review

Features of Windscribe VPN

  • Offers strong encryption protocols
  • The free version offers a minimum of 10GB of data limit – but you can get 50GB every month free!
  • Offers a good bandwidth and you will hardly notice any slowdown in the browsing speed
  • Windscribe is available for wide range of devices and platforms. (Windows, Mac, Android iOS)
  • Offers helpful features like firewall, a secure link, etc.


Windscribe free version offers a lot of features that makes it really a useful VPN service to use. Though it doesn’t provide dedicated IP address, has fewer encryption protocols to offer and no live customer support system, it is still worth trying especially for the first time users of the VPN.

Go here to create a free account for Windscribe VPN. The free version offers lesser number of server locations.

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  1. Windscribe VPN is a great vpn.

  2. Dennious

    I’m giving this VPN a try just because I’m into security and need to test some stuff right now. Thank you all.

  3. Charles Guichard

    Thank you; very interresting; used and all ran like you wrote; thank you again!

  4. Thanks for the share. However, the voucher code has expired. Could you please share any working one ?

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    50GBFREE: voucher provided is invalid

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    This vpn is not secure, stores logs, and provides access to them WITHOUT a court order!!

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