VPN One Click Review: Access blocked and restricted websites

We’ve already talked about the TOR (The Onion Router), UltraSurf, SpotFlux, OpenDNS and many more tools that offer you privacy and other related features like parental controls, etc. You can type the names in the search bar towards the left to read their reviews on The Windows Club. This review of VPN One Click tells you how the VPN functions and compares it to the other free VPN software we’ve already covered, so that you know whether or not to use One Click VPN.

VPN One Click review


Installing the program right away after download will install some third party programs too. You have to be careful and decline all the unwanted stuff before you get the installer to install VPN One Click. The interface is tricky so you might end up installing one or more third party programs. Check Programs and Features to see what programs were added. You can sort using the date column to be more precise and remove the unwanted programs.

One of the third-party programs closes your browser without any warning – during installation – so you may want to bookmark all the open tabs before installation so that you do not lose the websites. The same happens when you uninstall it. I cannot recall the name of that program as I uninstalled it from my Windows 8, after installing One Click VPN.

VPN One ClickFeatures

There are more than two versions available for One Click. One of them is free, and I have tested only the free one since there are already some good privacy and VPN software already reviewed that are free to use. The list includes SpotFlux, CyberGhost, Ultrasurf, TOR, Betternet and Jumpto Browser.

The One Click VPN is nowhere near any of these. It does its work, but the free version has plenty of restrictions.

It shows flags of different countries but if you click on any, you get a message to get the ELITE version. Even the website of One Click says that the free version offers only Europe-based servers. But it does not state that you have to select RANDOM ones by clicking on the World Map Icon. If you try to click on the flag of any European country, it gives a pop up saying get the ELITE version. In other words, to get the VPN working, click on the icon showing world map instead of flags.

It works well as a proxy by changing your IP address to something other than the real one. I checked my IP address after starting the program and it was different from the real one. The only problem was that it took a long time to connect to the server and dropped the connection two times saying the Internet connection was too slow. I am running 16Mbps Airtel broadband and that works well with SpotFlux, the free VPN that you can use without any fuss.

As the name suggests, you just have to click on VPN/Proxy option available on the main window to switch between a VPN and proxy. I do not know why it has the option as both options did change my IP address. Maybe the proxy option was just to use the proxy without an encrypted connection so that browsing is a little faster. Check it out if you want and let us know your experience.


The free version takes too long to connect to the servers. If you are up for quick browsing, this speed can be disappointing. You may want to try other VPNs – like Spotflux – for privacy and other proxy services – like UltraSurf – if it is only about accessing blocked sites.

You can download it from its home page. The service can be used free for an unlimited time on Windows, Linux, and Android. Mac, iOS users will have to pay for it, however.

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  1. Ed

    “One of the third party programs closes your browser without any warning – during installation – so you may want to bookmark all the open tabs before installation so that you do not lose the websites. The same happens when you uninstall it. I cannot recall the name of that program as I uninstalled it from my Windows 8, after installing One Click VPN”
    Why would you even review software that uses tactic like that? IMO, I’m not even going to mess with it, I don’t care what it does or how good it is. How did you know it didn’t install something nasty like a zero day on your system that bypassed your antivirus because definitions haven’t been created for it yet?
    This is nothing by crap-ware, IMO Winvista club would do better than reviewing crap lie this, you run the site how you want but if it were me……. I would tell the company their software will get reviewed when they remove all the sh!t from it.

  2. Ed

    sorry for the poor spelling, it just pisses me off when I see software like this being glorified when there are MUCH better free VPNS out there that deserve being reviewed. Try SoftEther a free, no games, no BS VPN.

  3. Googler Eleven

    You are using Airtel Broadband, right, now its owners’ Bharti Group had alliance with AXA Group of Europe, Chairman of AXA Group is the Chairman of Steering Committee of Bilderberg Group (Just Search Youtube for 10 Secret Organizations controlling World, in Youtube Channels Alltime 10s, Alltime Conspiracies & Dark5 tv). Now, just Google Search Bilderberg Group, u’ll get to understand that you are involuntarily participating in NSA Prism Program, so, even if you try to hide your web tracks by VPNs’, but, your ISP is providing all information to NSA’s Prism Program called Rampart A, which collects Data at the rate of 3TB/sec at NSA. They can collect all information from VPNs’ as well.
    This Bharti Group wants to get a 49% FDI in Insurance Sector, for Bharti-AXA Life Insurance.
    (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIUzt7tbFcg) &

  4. I’ve used all the others and I always had some sort of broadband performance issue.

    Now, for the last 12 months, I have used TunnelBear. It’s insanely cheap (though you can use it for free, but has limited bandwidth), It also has multiple countries, spam and malware filters (which you can turn on or off) and does not slow or cap the bandwidth with a paid subscription (starting at $4.99 per month or $49.99 annually). TunnelBear also boasts the following…

    “TunnelBear does NOT log IP addresses, NOR do we monitor, collect, analyze or store any information about the applications, services or websites our users use while connected to our Services.”

    As for VPN One Click. Avoid it at all costs. Try TunnelBear instead. https://www.tunnelbear.com

    Ed, I agree with you 100%

  5. Dan

    Anybody know if Cyberghost 5 (site says no logs, 256AES, 3 hour limit free) is worth considering? I use it for everyday mobile in case public WIFI spots have wiresharks/spoofers; but I see CG5 connects via http to its secure servers (but appears to check site certificate “fingerprint”).

  6. Paul Chang

    I have found another Secure VPN software published by a Japanese University. It is called “Softether”. The download website is ‘www.vpngate.net’. It is FREE also. So far, I had tested running it from China and it works fairly good (knowing China is blocking most of the FREE world websites), I can get on to all websites that’s blocked. Might want to look into that!

  7. Arun Kumar

    It pissed me off too. I did not intend to glorify it but bring the facts out. It closes windows, it takes an eternity to establish connection. I tried to do justice by bringing out the negative part. I did give a conclusion that you will be better off by using a different VPN.

    And thank you for mentioning SoftEther. I will check it out and do a review on that too.

  8. Arun Kumar

    Sure. I will look into that. Dan was also mentioning the same VPN. Thank you for commenting.

  9. Giovanni

    Hello my friend!
    On the TOR review page you said that TOR BROWSER can help you avoid being censored because nobody knows who is hosting your website.
    Could you please write a tutorial about it, when you have time to do so?
    I mean a step-to-step tutorial showing me how to host a website with TOR.

    That being said, there is another clever way to skip censorship:


    Ever heard about it before? I think it could be good for anti-establishment websites in countries like China or India but can also prevent the DNS hijacking threat….what do you make of it?

  10. Arun Kumar

    I tried to access the TOR site page on creating censor proof websites but it showed 404. However, there are many more articles like http://www.deepdotweb.com/2013/10/19/how-to-safely-host-your-own-tor-hidden-service/ that tell you how to host your own anon service.

    Regarding bit.namecoin.info, I am yet studying it. It is about building websites but I do not know for sure if webmasters would be willing to buy Bitcoins and set up a .bit website. If you could throw a little light on the latter, I will be thankful.

  11. Andrea

    Another option:
    Ever tried it?

  12. Ed

    Arun, I understand what you were doing but you see just the fact that you reviewed it put it’s name out there and every time you mention the software’s name is just another listing for it on search engines, THIS is what sites like the Windows Club and others do not understand. It’s best just not to review it at all.
    If it were me? ….. the minute it did to me what it did to you, I would have contacted the vendor and told them there would be no review until all their downloads were removed and re-uploaded CLEAN and then I would have went further to tell them that you were putting the word out to other review sites privately to NOT to review the product until it was indeed clean. We are not going to stop software bundling with adware, malware and all that other stuff until sites like this get together and stop reviewing crap like that, if you don’t put the software’s name out there who is going to go looking for it?

  13. Fg6

    Softpedia and a VPN review claimed that VPN One Click has a “7 days [free] trial [for users of Apple’s OSes probably]”

  14. kendra gavin

    Thanks for the article. I personally use the UnoTelly DNS option. It’s ideal for content streaming because unlike VPNs, there is no internet speed loss when using it.

  15. extremefeeet

    Considering Hulu blocks IPs of known VPN providers and many streaming services are considering doing the same, you’re better off setting up a private VPN of your own.

  16. Maria W.

    @ed you are right, these kind of reviews only to promote their services nothing else. There are many other VPN that are not only free but they also provide super security and privacy. CyberGhost is the best it does not create any additional dialogs nor it needs to restart your browser or computer. You can find some more here if any one need best free vpnservices

  17. Night Fury

    That’s Good one..

  18. Sally Croft

    I’ve been happy with PureVPN. They have both VPN and SmartDNS around the world and works good on both iOS and Linux

  19. mark

    One click is pure malware, I am trying to uninstall it but it seems to protect itself.

  20. Adam Gilchrist

    Hulu does not block IPs for all VPNs, Ivacy vpn is working fine with Hulu.

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