Traceless VPN review: Free VPN For Windows PC

VPNs earlier were best used by the corporate employees to hide their web activities from their bosses, but with the increasing hack attacks and snoops, even a regular computer user now wants to use a personal VPN.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is actually an encrypted and secured networked connection between two computers where no third computer can check the data shared. A secured tunnel between the computers is created in a Virtual Private Network and the entire web activity is encrypted. With a VPN you can use a masked IP address which provides you an access to the VPN servers of different countries. This further lets you access the websites restricted in your location and also avoid the risks of data theft by third parties.

There are many free VPN software available on the internet, and today we will take a look at yet another one called the features of Traceless VPN.

Traceless VPN review

Traceless VPN review

Let us take a look at the features available in Traceless VPN software.

Online privacy and safe surfing

This is something VPNs are made for. provides you a secure connection and hides all your internet activities without reducing your speed. The program never stores any of your online activity or your data. It hides your IP address and lets you surf the web freely without worrying about any kind of data theft or getting tracked. VPN uses a strong encryption program and help you staying secure even when you are using the public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Good Speed and 99.98% Uptime

It is an optimized VPN program and designed for a good speed internet connection. So, if you are looking for a VPN which can offer your quality streamed videos without any breaks or looking for a VPN to satisfy your high download speed needs, could be your choice. With their servers from all over the world, can provide you a speedy connection from anywhere in the world without worrying about the server switches.

Unblock Content

The VPN hides your IP address and location, and thus you can watch any of your preferred content online, even if it is blocked or restricted in your location. Many streaming websites like YouTube and Netflix are banned in some locations in the world, but with installed on your PC you can enjoy any of your favorite websites with a great speed and no breakages.

No Targeted Advertising

Every time you are online, some websites and advertising companies place some cookies on your PC to track all your web activity via your search history, so as to serve you the targeted advertisements. With Traceless a masked IP address is shown instead of your own real IP and it also clears all your browsing history as well as the temporary files stored on your PC, thereby preventing the advertisers to gather your search interests and thus helps you staying away from targeted advertisements.

Overall, it is a simple program offering you a perfect interaction between privacy and speed. Its overall aim is to provide you a secure internet connection with a good speed. It is available as both free as well as a premium version which brings some extra features.

You will have to go here and register first in order to start using the free version. Scroll down and you will see the links to register for a free account or buy the premium plan. With the free Traceless VPN version you get 2 locations (Germany, Netherlands), 5 GB data transfer, 4 protocol support PPTP, L2TP, IPSec (IKEv1 and IKEv2) and Socks5, and 1 device connection.

Buy Traceless VPN Premium Plan

If you want more, we suggest you buy a paid Premium plan. With the Premium version, you get 11 locations, unlimited fast data transfer, 8 protocol support, 6 device connections and the Kill Switch feature. We have to say that Traceless VPN, free as well as the premium plans, both offer fast speeds!

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  1. Will Moore

    I am using TracelessVPN for quite some time and it’s working great for me, it’s one of the fastest VPNs, so I would definitely recommend it.

  2. Kait.Daniel

    I have been using PureVPN to unblock content and watch Netflix and other streaming services, it works really good for me.

  3. site reported to ad block plus to remove B.S.

  4. Dan

    Tried on your above recommendation; great for advanced users. Cheers!

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