SecurityKISS VPN Review – Does it work?

The name may sound a bit odd to some, but according to the home page of SecurityKISS VPN, the KISS stands for Keep It Smart and Simple. This free VPN software and proxy has a simple interface that claims to protect your privacy. This review of SecurityKISS VPN checks out their claims to see if they really provide ample protection against snooping, etc.

SecurityKISS VPN review

SecurityKISS VPN review

Installation and setup – No Crapware

Installation of Security KISS VPN was a cheese. There was nothing like unwanted programs or compulsions to install toolbars with the VPN. It was a simple process without any hidden add-ons, etc. It does create a virtual network adaptor through which, it connects to the SecurityKISS servers across the globe, to provide you with proxy, so that you can access any website that is blocked in your country. The same applies to videos that are blocked on video sharing websites. If a video is banned from being displayed in the US, you can connect to one of their servers in London, UK and watch the video. That is just an example. The main factor is privacy protection and SecurityKISS does a good job there.

Interface of the Program

The interface of the program is simple. It has options to change the server from one country to another. For example, you can change the proxy servers from US to UK or Australia or France. The free version of Security KISS has options to connect to servers in four different countries. The paid versions allows selection from among more countries.

I reviewed the free version that allows UK, Germany, France and Canada. The default server is based in the US. That is, if you do not choose to change server and run the program, you will be connected to a server based in US itself. As such, it won’t be of much use when you wish to access websites blocked in the US. But you can always use the Tools menu > Change Server option to change to some other country like France or Germany, so that you can access the blocked websites.

The program is really simple. You just need to install it and it runs when you double click its icon on desktop. You can also set it to open or run as soon as your computer boots. When you click the Close button in the window, it minimizes to the Windows System Tray and keeps running. You can right click and bring it to front, toggle between ON/OFF of privacy protection and exit the program.

Exclusive SecurityKISS Tunneling

One of the important features of SecurityKISS is the Exclusive Tunneling. If your data packets are encrypted and are being sent via a predetermined route, the Exclusive Tunneling aids is privacy protection by means of deleting the route as soon as the connection is dropped. With every VPN, there are chances of connection being dropped in which case, one can read the data packet and the “to/from” addresses thereby creating a threat to your privacy on the Internet. In case of Security KISS, the feature “Exclusive Tunneling” prevents it from happening. It simply deletes or ceases to send data in case the connection is dropped and resumes only when the connection is re-established. That is a plus point of Security KISS over several other VPNs we have reviewed on The Windows Club.

Note that you have to untick Exclusive Tunneling from Tools menu for proper functioning of the Internet once you disconnect the VPN or turn it off. If the option is ticked, data packets would be prevented due to which you might think the Internet is not working. But when you turn off Exclusive Tunneling, you will find everything normal and working fine.

Limitations of SecurityKISS Free

The only problems with the program are:

  1. Websites can detect that you are using a proxy; I checked it on and the website told me I am using a proxy.
  2. Limit: there is a 300MB limit of data exchange; You can use the free version only up till 300 MB for each 24 hours; If you cross the limit, you cannot use it anymore

SecurityKISS VPN free download

In short, SecurityKISS is a good VPN that aids in privacy protection but is limited to 300 MB per day so is good for people who have minimal work on the Internet such as sending emails and casual browsing. You can download it from its home page. But if you intend to use it for heavy use, you will have to go in for other free VPN like TunnelBear VPN, or pay for it.

If you are a SecurityKISS VPN user, we’d love to have your feedback about it.

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