SecurityKISS VPN Review – Does it work?

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  1. Rafia

    Why you don’t make this app for windows mobile. can’t find any good VPN app in windows apps store.

  2. Giorgio Torreggiani

    You have IPVanish and VPN4all.They both use AES 256 2048 bit encryption.

    There are no logging and anonymous surfing on both.

    vpneall are #1 in bestvpnreviews

  3. Ed

    Well SecurityKiss doers not log either, along with that you get 300mb every 24 hours free AND it works a very reliable speeds. The problem with the ones you have provided is that I see no free option or option to try, am I supposed to lay my money down on your word? Sorry, I want a test run before I buy anything.

  4. BGT56

    IPVanish and VPN4all are not entirely free either.

  5. Giorgio Torreggiani

    The best VPN service is unfortunately the paid VPN services. There you get more options and you get support. I have seen and tried some free VPN services but their service is limited and their service is not among the best.
    If you want full service and opportunities you have to get a paid VPN service.

  6. Vince Thor

    How about Zenmate VPN which is now available FREE as Firefox Add ON & Chrome Webstore as Extension, I believe any ISP would not be able to detect any anomaly if its embedded in the Browser & what about Softether VPN ?

  7. Rodolfo

    I itilizado the Tor Browser.
    but the navigation is very slow.
    I will use SecurityKISS.

  8. angellomichel387

    Currently, I use it
    and even did not know about this option
    Exclusive Tunneling
    only after an expert opinion here
    zaczo?em use images this option
    and I was already angry before breaking the connection
    and now I have no problem 🙂
    and it is worth the time to read reviews

  9. Jan Kron

    I wonder what is the position used by the VPN DNS? Are these DNS Google?

  10. Cliff Bones

    Using SecurityKISS now, so far the best VPN I found. Configuration on mobile is manual but once set up it is very stable.

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