change dual volume control headphones

How to disable Absolute Volume on Windows 10

Bluetooth Headphones, as you know, connect to your phone wirelessly. This ability enables you to talk on the phone or listen to music without using wires or cords. You can even adjust the volume of a left or right speaker. […]

Switch Mouse

How to change Left & Right mouse buttons on Windows 10 PC

It’s quite a norm that all computer mouse devices are ergonomically designed for right-handed users. But there are mouse devices available which are specially designed for the left-handed populace or the ones which can be used by either hand. Before […]

copy paste not working

Copy and Paste not working in Windows 10

The Copy and Paste feature in Windows is one of the most basic often-used features in the OS. But for some reason, if you find that it is not working normally as required, then this post will help you fix […]

How to check if your Windows 10 PC has in-built Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a wireless technology protocol for connecting a PC with external peripherals and devices. It can be quite useful, and many PCs come with built-in Bluetooth support. It’s basically a protocol that enables you to connect a desktop or […]

Outlook Error 0x8004060c Send/Receive

Fix Outlook error 0x8004060c during Send/Receive operation

Microsoft Outlook throws an error code 0x8004060c, which results in no incoming and outgoing email using the Outlook client. The problem is with the PST file, which has grown more than Office or Outlook can handle. The maximum limit on […]

Change Task Schedule Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser

What is CompatTelRunner.exe on Windows 10? What does it do?

CompatTelRunner.exe is the Windows Compatibility Telemetry process. It periodically sends usage and performance data to Microsoft IP addresses so that improvements can be made on user experience & usage, and fix potential issues. It is enabled by default, and the […]

vpn Error 0x800704C9

Fix VPN Error 0x800704C9 on Windows 10

Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is a network technology used by masses of internet users to create a secure and encrypted connection over the internet. Additionally, VPNs are used to bypass geo-restrictions to gain access to any blocked content over […]

VPN Error 691

Fix VPN Error 691 on Windows 10

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an important online tool that helps in enhancing your online privacy and security. Although VPN tools are great, it comes with its own set of problems which can cause lost VPN connections and error […]

How to become a YouTube Influencer

How to become an Influencer on YouTube

It’s not easy to become an Influencer. It might look easy and sounds fun, but it asks for a lot. Be it Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, becoming an influencer requires one basic thing, and that is dedication. You can […]

How to set up OneDrive on Windows 10 the easy way

OneDrive for Windows 10 is a great cloud storage tool designed to easily backup all your files and documents. It also makes it super easy for users to gain access to their files that are located in the cloud without […]

How to use Video Editor app in Windows 10

I love simple things, and Windows Movie Maker has always been one of my favorite video editing software. I know it’s very basic with just a few features, but then again, it’s free and very simple and easy to use. […]

Scroll bar missing in Chrome on Windows 10

If the scroll bar missing is missing in the Chrome browser, it becomes almost impossible to scroll down the web page and view its content. Normally, it lies hidden in the corner and becomes visible when you point the mouse […]

Fix Mailbox does not exist error in Microsoft Teams

If you’re using Microsoft Teams, then maybe you have come across a particular error in recent times. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, but annoying nonetheless. The issue we are talking about here is when the mailbox in Microsoft Teams […]

How to recover Windows files with Linux Live CD/USB

You have got your shiny new Windows 10 computer. You have been using it for a while now, and it’s all fine and dandy. Then without any sign whatsoever, your hard disk drive or solid-state drive goes south. And the […]