Middle mouse button not working Windows 10

Middle mouse button not working in Windows 10

The middle mouse button helps you scroll through long webpages and screens with a lot of data. If that stops, well you will end up using the keyboard for scrolling which is painful. In this post, we are going to […]

How to open Registry Editor in Windows 10

While Windows 10 comes with tons of settings you can change, Microsoft manages things like these via the Windows Registry. Any parameter which you see on Windows has a setting which in turn has a registry entry. That said, we […]

Fix YouTube full screen video lag or glitch

Chrome is the most-used browser on Windows systems. YouTube is the most popular video-streaming website. Thus, you would find a lot of users using YouTube on Google Chrome. However, at times, users using YouTube on Google Chrome have reported a […]

LibreOffice Review: Productivity software & free alternative to Office

LibreOffice is a popular productivity software and a free alternatives to Microsoft Office suite. It is widely used to create professional documents like brochures, newsletter, graphs, charts, thesis, technical drawings, budget reports, marketing reports, and many more. One good thing […]

Get more features with a new edition of Windows." I clicked on this link and it asked me for the authentication code for the OS that I purchased

Setup has failed to determine supported install choices

At times, when running Windows Setup, you may receive an error message – Something happened, Setup has failed to determine supported install choices. The only option you are given is to press Close and exit the setup.  This error can […]

Using Google Play Movies & TV extension for Chrome browser

Media services like Amazon Prime, Netflix and others allow you to choose the benefits that matter to you. You can watch movies, TV shows and documentaries on multiple devices. Most of them are even commercial free. These benefits and many […]

Hyper auditing

Hyperlink Auditing in Chrome & Firefox browsers

Sometimes, novice or innocent users can be tricked to unwittingly participate if sends information to another resource. This may add a privacy risk. For instance, HTML5 has added a feature to the web called Hyperlink Auditing. If you are not […]

Dynamic Updates in Windows 10

What are Dynamic Updates in Windows 10?

Most of us keep on suspending updates on Windows. The more the time passes, the closer we get to a Major New Update, leaving us anxious on – How long the installation would take? It’s time to look at the […]

Distort and merge images with Contort for Windows 10

Distorting and merging images is not as simple as it seems when using some of the popular tools out there. If these things are primarily what you’re looking to do, then we suggest checking out a specialized program. Today, we’re […]

myLauncher for Windows 10

Launch files easily with myLauncher for Windows 10

Windows 10 users might not know it, but there are several free launchers available for download on the web. We’ve heard more about launchers on Android because they are needed more by the end users, but that doesn’t mean great […]

Parsec lets you stream games from your Windows computer

PC Gaming has come a long way and people are now playing all sorts of games on their computers. But who would have thought that instead of playing games on our computer, we will stream them from somewhere else? The […]

Administrative Templates for Office

Administrative Templates for Office 2019, Office 365 ProPlus

Just like any other features in Windows, the Group Policy settings also available for Microsoft Office 2019, and Office 365 ProPlus, Office 2019, and Office 2016. If you are an IT person, you can make use of Administrative Templates from […]