run a JAR file in Windows 10

How to open or run a JAR file on Windows

JAR files are like EXE files except that they need a Java framework to run. Imagine them as EXE files on Windows which you can double click to launch the program. When you run an EXE file, it uses Windows […]

Reset Windows Spotlight

How to reset Windows Spotlight feature in Windows 10

The Windows Spotlight feature on Windows 10 is the main reason why you see the mesmerizing images on your Windows 10 lock screen. This feature beings in new images of your interest to your lock screen to make it more […]

Android file transfer not working Windows 10

Android file transfer not working on Windows 10

The USB connection is the most common way to connect an Android phone to a Windows 10 computer. You can use it to carry out file transfers take place. But at times, you may find that the file transfers do […]

Disable Bits in Firefox

Block Firefox from using Windows BITS Service to download updates

Windows 10 offers a background update feature for programs so that they can update themselves in the background without any interruption. The service is called BITS or Background Intelligent Transfer Service. Firefox can also use this service to update its […]

Best tools to send SMS free from your computer

Nowadays there are many ways to send and receive messages. We are deluged by the different medium of communications like WhatsApp, iMessage, email, snail mail, social media and many more. While there are overwhelming options to communicate, we cannot ignore […]

Windows Firewall is preventing connections to your computer

Windows Firewall is preventing or blocking your connections

Windows Firewall is not just designed to protect your PCs and laptops from malware and other security threats but to block any program from accessing the Internet. You can block both inbound traffic or outbound traffic for any program. However, […]

How to enable the Search Box on Windows 10 Lockscreen

How to enable the Search Box on Windows 10 Lock screen

The Search Bar on the Taskbar is one of the most useful components of Windows 10. One can use it to search for files and folders on the computer or the connected OneDrive cloud account. Along with that, searches on […]

Mail and Calendar integration with Cortana not working

Mail and Calendar integration with Cortana not working

Cortana was launched with emphasis on its tight integration with the Windows Mail and Calendar apps. This integration has been one of the highlighting features of this Personal Digital Assistant. But some users have reported that the Mail and Calendar […]

Bulk Replace text in PDF

How to bulk replace text in PDF files using PDF Replacer

PDf files are usually the default form of communication for documents because they are not editable that easy. But at times you do need to edit the text in PDF files which could be just a minor correction, spelling mistakes […]

How to find out when a website was last updated

How to find out when a website was last updated

Every activity done on a website carries a timestamp. This timestamp is usually helpful to find out when a website was last updated. This is done via many methods. The sitemap can be used, various services of web archives and a […]

We couldn’t get your latest saved data

We couldn’t get your latest saved data – Xbox One error

Some users of the Xbox One video game console have been experiencing a particular problem where they are unable to boot a game. From what we’ve gathered, whenever they make attempts to start a game, the error “We couldn’t get […]

Headphones not working after installing an update

Headphones not working or detected in Windows 10

If your Headphones are not working – maybe after installing an Update, it could be due to incompatible OS and drivers. Updates to several components of a computer are meant to fix stuff that is broken but sometimes results in […]