Device Security in Windows 10

What is Device Security in Windows 10 and how to hide this area?

Windows Defender has now been integrated with Windows Security and it includes a Device Security section in Windows 10, which is meant to give you better insights into the security features integrated with your Windows device. In this post, we will explain […]

Surface Pro 7 vs Surface Pro 6 – What has changed?

It’s safe to say that the announcement of the Surface Pro 7 was one of the biggest reveals at the Microsoft event earlier this month. It’s a hybrid computer that is very much similar to the Surface Pro 6, but […]

Five best Coupon add-ons available for Mozilla Firefox

When shopping online, there is one thing we all enjoy, and that’s a good coupon that can give us awesome discounts. The problem is, how do we come across these quality discounts on a regular basis? No need to worry, […]

Workaround TLS failures timeouts

What is TLS handshake? How to fix TLS handshake?

TLS or Transport Layer Security is an encryption protocol. It is designed such that communication through TLS remains secure and private. In this post, I will explain what TLS handshake is and how to fix the TLS handshake if you […]

How to use Apple Maps on your Windows 10 computer

The web is filled with several mapping options, but right now, Apple Maps is the hardest to use via a web browser in Windows 10. That is because Apple has chosen not to create a web portal for its mapping […]

Workaround TLS failures timeouts

Workarounds for TLS Failures, Timeouts in Windows systems

We have talked about the TLS handshake, and how it can fail. We also marked that a lot of TLS failures had happened because Microsoft tried fixing something. A security updated CVE-2019-1318 has caused the recent one rolled for TLS […]

OneDrive Personal Vault displays a wrong language

At times, OneDrive users may find that their Personal Vault folder is displaying text in a language not chosen by them. If you have been suffering from the same issue, here’s what you can do to fix the problem. It […]

Clear the Clipboard

How to clear the Clipboard in Excel, Word or PowerPoint

Many users search for a method to clear the Clipboard from Microsoft Office applications but rarely come across something useful. If you are interested in knowing how to clear the Clipboard in Microsoft Office applications like Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, […]

sync Sticky Notes

How to sync Sticky Notes across different Devices in Windows 10

The Sticky Notes application is a preinstalled Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app and has been a part of Windows for years now. For many users, this application is an obvious choice for creating notes, to-do lists, and appointment reminders. New […]

How to use PowerRename on PowerToys for Windows 10

How to use PowerRename PowerToy for Windows 10

We earlier reported that Microsoft has revived and re-released PowerToys. However, in the initial release, it only had two utilities of FancyZones and Shortcut Guide. They have now pushed an update to PowerToys bringing it to version 0.12.0. This new […]