What is PortableBaseLayer Partition

What is PortableBaseLayer Partition in Windows 10

When browsing your storage section either through Computer or Disk Management tool, if you notice a volume with name PortableBaseLayer, then don’t be surprised. It’s a virtual drive that has recently started appearing after the Windows 10 v1903 Update. In […]

Google Chrome browser downloads getting stuck at 100%

Google Chrome is the most used browser in the market. The company has created a nearly perfect product that seldom faces issues. However, many users have reported a problem where they encounter situation where Chrome browser downloads are stuck at […]

How to insert Audio or Sound files in PowerPoint

Inserting audio files in your PowerPoint presentation can add a spark to your work. Fortunately, Microsoft Office allows you to add audio files to PowerPoint presentations. You can add music, narration, or even sound bites, to PowerPoint. Add Audio to […]

There is a problem connecting to Netflix

Network error, There is a problem connecting to Netflix

When trying to connect to Netflix, you may, at times, see an error message – Network error: There is a problem connecting to Netflix. This issue is faced even when you try to use the Netflix app for Windows 10. […]

Calmly Writer

Calmly Writer is a free online distraction-free Text Editor

You’d agree with me on the fact that these days there’s a tool available for almost everything; from complex video editing to snipping pictures easily – free online tools are helping creative minds in many ways. This blog could be […]

NVIDIA Control Panel keeps crashing

NVIDIA Control Panel keeps crashing on Windows 10

Your NVIDIA Control Panel crashing can be one of the most painful experiences on the computers that come with graphics card from NVIDIA. This is so because several useful controls can be toggled using the NVIDIA Control Panel. The causes […]

Fix Windows Sandbox not having an Internet connection

Windows Sandbox has no Internet connection

Some users have been reporting that the Windows Sandbox environment is not connecting to the Internet. Due to this issue, using applications that requires an Internet connection becomes a painful experience and fully defeats the use-case scenario of the Windows […]

How to check Battery level using Command line in Windows 10

With every new update, Microsoft works on optimizing the battery levels of a computer running Windows 10. If someone wants to check the battery levels of a computer using Command Prompt or Windows PowerShell, it is now possible. This method […]

Server Execution Failed

Windows Media Player Error – Server Execution Failed

It may so happen that when trying to play music files using the Windows Media Player, you receive Server execution failed popup. Post this; you will not be able to play media files for some time. Some users reported that […]

How to take full webpage screenshot in Chrome & Firefox

Chrome and Firefox are not only popular because they are fast but also because they are readily customizable. Example, you can configure these browsers to take or capture a full webpage screenshot. So. Let’s see how to capture a full […]

uninstall Immersive reader in Windows 10 Start Menu

How to uninstall Immersive Reader in Windows 10

Microsoft’s Immersive Reader is a powerful tool which can help one to read and pronounce words which are tough for them. The app can read text out loud, break it into syllables, and increase the spacing between lines and letters. […]