An unspecified error occurred during System Restore (0x800700b7)

An unspecified error occurred during System Restore (0x800700b7)

When trying to restore Windows 10 computer, if you receive an error saying An unspecified error occurred during System Restore (0x800700b7), then here is a fix. The error usually happens when the System Restore does not complete successfully and fails with this […]

Fix Windows 10 Update Error 0x800F081F – 0x20003

The Windows Update Error 0x800F081F – 0x20003 occurs mainly which upgrading your copy of Windows 10. It is caused due to errors with various developer-related settings being enabled on a computer. The error that the setup encounters are worded as either […]


With a failed attempt to use the Graphics rendering capabilities of a computer, is made by a program, Windows 10 might throw a Blue Screen error saying THREAD STUCK IN DEVICE DRIVER. The Stop Code for this Blue Screen error […]

Network Protocol is missing

One or more Network Protocols are missing on this computer

Network Protocols are a set of rules or standards used by Windows to communicate over the internet. They make sure the data is sent correctly across between computers, but if any of the Network Protocol is missing in Windows 10, things […]

How to add Emojis to File and Folder names in Windows 10

For users who find visual elements more appealing, Windows 10 has made it easier to identify files and folders by adding Emojis to their names. Yes, Microsoft has made it possible for Windows users to use Emojis in the names […]

Fix Unknown USB Device error message on Windows 10

We all use a number of USB Devices every day. From plugging in our phones for charging to using our Pen Drives, we are making the use of USB Drives. But sometimes, a Windows computer throws an error of Unknown USB […]

Download official Google Chrome themes for your browser

Google Chrome is undoubtedly the leader in the browser market. A few of the many reasons behind its success are the support with the Google search engine, the fact that user activity is understood for a better experience, and the […]

An internal error has occurred (0x80070716) for Windows Backup

If the File History tab of the File Recovery Utility of Windows Backup module displays the following error on your Windows computer, then this post offers suggestions that may help you resolve the issue: An internal error has occurred : The […]

Fix Error Code 1671 for iTunes on Windows 10 PC

iTunes is a must have utility software for the people who own an Apple product like iPhone, iPad or an iPod. Some users of iTunes have been reporting encountering Error Code 1671 on Windows 10. This error mostly occurs when […]

Fix Windows 10 Upgrade error 0xa0000400

While upgrading to any version of Windows 10 using the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant or Windows 10 Media Creation Tool, some people may encounter an error code 0xa0000400. It becomes important for a user to keep their computer up to […]

AMD vs Intel

AMD vs Intel – What are the main differences?

The biggest rivalry in the CPU market is the decades-long war between Intel and AMD, and from our perspective, this battle could go on for another 10 years or more as the computing market requires faster processors. It’s very important […]


muCommander is a simple File Explorer alternative for Windows PC

muCommander is yet another File Explorer alternative to Windows 10 which offers a simple straightforward, easy to use interface for massive file operations. It provides two panes which work with local volumes and servers over FTP, SFTP, SMB, NFS, HTTP, Amazon […]

Windows could not start the Diagnostic Policy Service

Windows could not start the Diagnostic Policy Service

When you attempt to run a Windows Service such as Diagnostic Policy Service, you may receive the following error message – Windows could not start the Diagnostic Policy Service. In this post, we will see what you can do if […]

How to create Gantt Chart using Microsoft Excel

Project management is a foundation to meet any business goals within the given time constraints.  It ensures that there is a proper plan for executing on strategic goals. Whether you run small scale business or long scale business, a good […]

dxgmms2.sys bsod

Fix dxgmms2.sys BSOD error on Windows computer

The dxgmms2.sys file is a Windows system driver file that is associated with the Graphics Rendering capabilities of a computer. This file is known to cause a Blue Screen error. But the main reasons include conflicts like RAM or Hard […]