Notepads - Beta

Best free note taking apps for Windows 10

A virtual note taking app is essential for everybody. A child needs to set reminders for chores or new timings of their favorite show; a student needs endless notes; a working person needs to set to-do lists; every grown-up needs […]

Amazon Prime fails to load on Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the default web browser of choice on Windows 10 and loved by some users. Now, when it comes down to using a web browser, we tend to consume a lot of media with these things, and Edge […]

Last name

How to separate First and Last name in Excel

Let us suppose a situation in which you have a list of full names of people. You intend to split these names into three parts – first name, middle name, and last name. This can be done in Microsoft Excel […]

Turn OFF Airplane mode

Windows 10 is stuck in Airplane Mode

Some users have reported a weird issue with their systems where their Windows 10 computer gets stuck on Airplane mode. They are unable to deactivate the mode. This, in turn, means that they are unable to use the internet. The […]

Converted currency

How to convert currencies in Excel

Imagine a situation in which you are presented with an Excel sheet in which a number of monetary values are placed in a certain column. You might need to convert the currency for all those values in the column and […]

Reset or uninstall calculator

Calculator not working on Windows 10

The calculator is one of the basic apps in the Windows 10 operating system. It can be extended to a scientific calculator, and that makes it very useful. However, some users have reported that the Calculator app doesn’t work on […]

Windows Kernel OS Types

What is a Kernel in OS? What are the types of Kernel?

Every operating system- whether it is Windows, Mac, Linux, or Android, has a core program called a Kernel which acts as the ‘boss’ for the whole system. It is the heart of the OS! The Kernel is nothing but a […]

Sudoku Grids

Best free Sudoku games to play on Windows 10

Sudoku is not just another pastime unless you are a genius. It’s like the Rubik’s cube, but with numbers. There are people who enjoy the challenge. There are people who dread the difficulty. But with practice, you can ace it, […]

Specified logon session does not exist

Outlook error – Specified logon session does not exist

When working with Microsoft Outlook on your Windows 10 PC, you receive server message A specified logon session does not exist; It may already have been terminated for long periods, then this post may help you. This message can also […]

Uninstall Firefox

Firefox will not open or launch on Windows 10

Firefox is the second-most popular browser in the market, yet at times, it can create issues. One such issue is when Firefox won’t open. There are 2 cases for this condition. In the first case, Firefox won’t open but will […]

How to set the Broadcast band for Mobile Hotspot on Windows 10

How to set the Broadcast band for Mobile Hotspot on Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with a user-friendly version of broadcasting a WiFi network dubbed as Mobile Hotstop. A WiFi hotspot can broadcast an SSID or Service Set Identifier in two frequencies. They are either 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz broadcast bands. The 2.4 GHz band is […]