PowerPoint Screen Recording feature

Record screen with PowerPoint Screen Recording feature

Visual representation of things makes learning an easy process. So, if you are looking to create a video clip via screen recording with all the instructions look no further than PowerPoint. The app makes the task of recording practically simple […]

Sound delay occurs on Windows 10

Sound delays, lags and audio latency in Windows 10

Almost every action in Windows 10 is followed by a sound, especially on laptops. Now, what if you are experiencing a noticeable delay in that sound? I am not talking about a delay of a minute, but noticeable which could […]

How to enable screen sharing in Microsoft Teams meeting

Meetings constitute an important and necessary part of your work life. However, the tools deployed to host and attend meetings can play a significant role to create an impact, both positive and negative. Microsoft Teams is a fantastic tool to […]

integrated or dedicated graphics card

Integrated or Dedicated Graphics card – Which do I need?

This post aims to assist you in deciding which type of graphics card to use. The difference between Dedicated and Integrated Graphics cards may be small, but using a dedicated graphics card greatly improves real-time graphics experience. You should be […]

Spice up your Church worship with Songview for Windows 10

Churches around the world tend to use PowerPoint or other similar tools to display music to the coir. However, using PowerPoint can be time-consuming, and on the other hand, it requires the user to have a deep understanding of the […]

Office Word doesn't remember preferred font settings

Office Word doesn’t remember preferred font settings

Microsoft Office Word and other apps allow you to set preferred font settings. However, if Word doesn’t remember preferred font settings, here is what you can do. While it should not happen, some of the forum users had reported that […]

PDF Merge multiple PDF files

How to merge multiple PDF files in single PDF file

There are many paid tools which can merge multiple PDF into single PDF files. Today we are talking about a free tool which works on Windows desktop and helps you merge multiple PDF files in single PDF file. The tool […]

boot configuration data store could not be opened

The boot configuration data store could not be opened

BCD or  Boot Configuration Data files contain instructions that are needed by Windows to boot correctly. If you have a problem booting up your computer, the chances are that is caused by a misconfiguration or even corrupted BCD files. If while […]

This PC renamed to Computer (1) after Windows 10 Update

This PC renamed to Computer (1) after Windows 10 Update

There have been reports that the name This PC folder name was changed to computer (1) after upgrading to a newer build of Windows 10. This also got reflected on the Desktop icon, Windows Search results, every shortcut created, and […]

Xbox Game Pass not working on Windows 10 PC

Microsoft has done a wonderful job with Xbox Game Pass, a relatively new service that is deemed as the future of gaming. It made its presence felt first on the Xbox One, but now the service has come to Windows […]

Change Screensaver timeout settings Windows 10

How to change Screensaver timeout settings in Windows 10

The Screensaver is a cool feature in Windows which lets you display animation or automatic change your wallpaper when you are not using the computer. It can also time out and lock the device when left idle for a long […]

How to Refresh and Hard Refresh your web page in a browser

Caching is typical behavior of any browser. Whenever you visit a website, it downloads the file and keeps it. So next time you visit the same site, it doesn’t download those files again. Technically, every site can suggest the browser […]