Best free Game Backup software for Windows PC

The most difficult part about buying or building a new computer is moving your data from the old one. And when it comes to games, it gets even trickier. Games are difficult to back up as there is a lot […]

Preparing to configure Windows

Computer stuck on Preparing to configure Windows screen

If after running Windows Update, you find that your Windows 10 is stuck on the Preparing to configure Windows screen for a very long time, then this post will help you resolve the issue. There is a lot that goes […]

Best CPU Coolers to bring the heat down in gaming PCs

If you use your Windows PC extensively, especially if you are a true gamer, you will know the value of a liquid cooler for your system. Liquid coolers help maintain the integrity of the hard drive, CPU, and GPU. The […]

Use My Family Tree to keep track of your genealogy with ease

The tool we’re going to talk about today is one designed to help those who are interested in studying their family’s history. You see, when it comes down to conducting research on genealogy, it’s never easy, but with My Family […]


What is taskhostw.exe? Is it a virus?

Taskhostw.exe is a Windows operating system file. The main function of taskhostw.exe is to start the Windows Services based on DLLs whenever the computer boots up. It is a host for processes that are responsible for executing a DLL rather […]

Windows requires a digitally signed driver

Device Drivers are necessary for communication between hardware and software of an operating system. Some drivers are digitally signed. Digitally signed drivers are drivers which signed by their issuing authority in such a manner that the end user or any […]

No sound or audio in Kodi on Windows 10

Kodi is clearly growing in popularity. The app has been the primary media app over most TV sets, tablets, and smartphones. Recently, many users have reported an issue that there is no sound from the Kodi application on Windows 10 […]

Enable protection against Cryptominers and Fingerprinters

Enable protection against Cryptominers and Fingerprinters in Firefox

In today’s data-driven world, it has become essential to safeguard your online privacy. The simplest method to ensure this is to share limited information with sites you seldom visitor trust. Most websites cunningly equip tools that track your behavior.  Mozilla […]

Schedule/Stream Live events using Microsoft Streams

How to Schedule or Stream Live events using Microsoft Streams

Microsoft Streams is a video streaming tool in Office 365. Consumers use it to deliver studio-quality Live video events across their organization. In addition to broadcasting, they can monitor audience engagement in real-time. In this guide, we will share how […]

Dev Tools in Microsoft Edge(Chromium)

List of DevTools in new Microsoft Edge (Chromium)

The new Microsoft Edge is built using Chromium open source project, and if you are developer, here is the list of Dev Tools in Microsoft Edge (Chromium). A few new tools have made their entry into the DevTools list. It […]

Best Medical apps for Windows 10 on Microsoft Store

When the whole world is moving towards the digital boom, how could the medical industry stay behind in taking its advantage? Rather Medical apps become even more important consider the number of books medical students need to carry and the […]

USB tethering not working on Windows 10 PC

If you are trying to share the internet from your Android mobile to your Windows 10 PC, but USB tethering is not working, then this post will help you. You may be able to connect your Android mobile to a […]

Fix Unable to contact your DHCP Server error on Windows 10

While trying to renew the IP address, if you receive Unable to contact your DHCP Server error message on your Windows computer, then this post may be able to help you.  Expired IP addresses might interrupt your Internet connection. Thus, […]

Chrome says – Managed by your organization

Google Chrome browser may sometimes display a message reading – Managed by your organization. This message can be confusing for Windows 10 Home users. Why? As the name implies, these users are not a part of any organization. As such, […]

UEFI Firmware settings missing

UEFI Firmware settings missing on Windows 10

UEFI is one of the most important pieces of software when it comes to booting an operating system on a computer. BIOS being an alternative to UEFI already is less preferred when compared to it. Whether UEFI or BIOS is […]