Firefox offline standalone installers download links for various languages

In case you didn’t know, Mozilla Firefox browser is available in over 90 different languages. The members from the from Mozilla community members around the world have come together to make this all possible. Here is the list where you can download the latest Firefox offline standalone installers in over 90 languages.

Firefox offline standalone installers download links

Firefox offline standalone installers download links

The latest final version of Firefox is available for download, even as offline installers, in languages like Afrikaans and Albanian to English to Vietnamese and Welsh.

You can download the latest builds of Firefox here at in various languages.

Mozilla Firefox MSI Installer links – Mozilla FTP.

In case you’d like to download the latest Firefox Beta, it is also available in many languages:

You can download the various Firefox Beta language builds here at

Download links for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems too, have been given there.

After downloading Firefox, make sure all your plugins are up-to-date here.

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  1. TheBigOldDog

    Sorry to say, but I’m very disappointed with 4.01. It’s a huge memory hog and leaks badly. They also broke the side scroll for Alps touchpads so you can’t scroll by using the side of the touchpad. You have to use the cursor keys or click the side scroll bar. So, I hardly use it on my laptop anymore. I wasted all kinds of times chasing down these issues only to find them in the bug tracking system as issues.

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