How to download Google Chrome Offline Installer setup for Windows PC

Google Chrome is one of the browsers which are built to render modern websites. It is also the browser with one of the most market shares. It is available for Windows 10/8/7, MacOS, Linux and other operating systems. When downloading it for Windows, you directly get an online installer. This means that the setup that you download will connect to the Google Servers with an active Internet Connection. This makes it really difficult for the people will really slow and unstable Internet Connection.

Download Google Chrome Offline Installer setup

Merits and Demerits of using Online and Offline Installers for Google Chrome

Both the online and offline (standalone) installers have their own merits and demerits. Talking about the online installer, the main merit of using it is that whenever you run that online installer file, it always downloads the latest version of Google Chrome while on the other side, the offline installer comes offline along with a particular release of Chrome. So, you need to keep the offline installer file updated in order to get the latest version of the browser. Another workaround to this issue is that you really head out to update Google Chrome as soon as it gets installed.

A demerit about the online installer is that when the setup file is used to install the browser on multiple computers, all of them would need a stable, working Internet connection. To fix this, you will definitely need the standalone (offline) installer.

So, now let us just check out how to download the offline installer for Google Chrome.

Download Google Chrome Offline Installer setup

Here are the links to download the offline standalone installer to the setup file of Google Chrome Stable version:

If you need to download other versions, here are the links:

  • Download Chrome Beta:
  • Download Chrome Dev:
  • Download Chrome Canary:

If you wish you can download the 64-bit as well as the 32-bit Chrome installers from

The 64-bit standalone installer weighs around 50 Megabytes while the 32-bit standalone installer weighs somewhere around 35 Megabytes and the setup file contains the name and the version number of the browser too.

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