Cyberfox Browser Review: Firefox based browser for Windows x64


  1. When is CyberFox going to fix the bug??? I would love to have CyberFox but if I can’t have my trusted FireFox as well then I would have to wait until they fix it.

  2. If you wish to try many browsers & they all work fine together,i suggest that you use the portable version which are all available.This way you can use them as you wish or simply delete the portable file.
    right now i have 7 differents but my main ones are cyberfox & slimbrowser

  3. Buy the way,you may already know this website but if you don’t & i may suggest it,this is a good place to download free portable softwares.
    You may find most of the browsers & of course leave your comments on their website or i presume here for the readers,

  4. Personally I have both Cyberfox and Firefox standard installations on my 3 Windows 7 and 8.1 computers and they both function perfectly

  5. You will get 10 different answers from 10 different people.
    You are unable to make your own decision?
    You believe everyone else is smarter than you are?

  6. And Cyberfox is another one of the lame Chrome clone wannabe Fox rebrands. Classic Theme Restorer is a cheap way to “restore” the features to change the UI.

    Australis is a laughable copy of a sane UI! Personally i am more into Vivaldi these days, but i would say for users who want only to customize the UI inside the browser, Pale Moon is enough.

    And as Pale Moon is a real fork, many recent security problems do not appear in Pale Moon as it has none of that Firefox annoyances.

    So, seen from that point of view Pale Moon has less security problems than Firefox.

    Anyway, i just answer this old post because you dear Sir piss me off with your lame attitude! Instead of shit talking and babbling about stuff of which you do not have the tiniest clue you better make yourself useful and try to show the developer the many security holes which you think that they exist.

    If you can not do that, just shut the fuck up! I hate people who bash others projects for no good reason.


  7. Cyberfox is junk.
    I used to use it but the new ui is terrible.
    They loudly brag on the front page about how easy it is to switch back to the classic UI, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. Clicked on their faq link, it takes me to a useless comment section.


  8. I just tested cyberfox.47.0.2….alongside firefox..46.0.1….They both work.

  9. You, sir, are the moron. You, sir, are the one who knows nothing! “Celtic God?” Ha! Can you be any more arrogant and egotistical? I think not! However, I can easily see how your neck will snap like a twig one day laboring as it does under the tremendous weight of that enormous head of yours. (No, I don’t mean enormous brain, it would take a microscope to find that. I’m talking about the tremendous heft of all the fat between your ears! Or is it brick? In either case you, sir, are an insufferable bore!)

  10. Let me get this straight. You close your post by rudely telling somebody to “shut the eff up,” followed by the fact that you “hate people who bash other people’s projects…” while your opening line does EXACTLY that, by calling Cyberfox a “lame Chrome clone wannabe Fox.” You, sir, are a hypocrite. Not to mention, for many people, Cyberfox is outperforming almost every other browser, including Pale Moon.

    You are certainly entitled to your own opinion, but it would probably be in your best interest to avoid looking like a hypocritical, arrogant schmuck while sharing it.

  11. Of course they work. Nobody is arguing whether they work or not. We’re trying to determine how WELL they work. Your post would be a lot more helpful if you were to provide some information regarding how they performed compared to each other. Which one loads faster? Uses less RAM? Has better security measures? Etc…

  12. As others have tried to inform you, a browser’s performance is very heavily dependent on your system. There’s only one real method of determining which browser is “best” for you, and that is by simply trying them out yourself, and comparing your results. Good luck!

  13. So the program is junk due to your lack of technical ability? That’s some solid logic, my friend. In that case, nuclear power reactors must be giant heaps of metallic garbage, since I have absolutely no idea how to operate one.

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