Coowon: A Chrome based browser for Online Gamers

If you are looking for an alternative browser with some extra tools and features, try Coowon web browser. It is a Chromium based web browser which comes with some extra tools and features, especially for the gamers. This Chromium based web browser promises to give an enhanced web browsing experience and a wonderful gaming experience.

Coowon Game BrowserCoowon Game Browser

Being a Chromium based browser, Coowon is safe, fast and comes with a wide range of browser extensions. If you are already a Chrome user and are happy with it, you will surely like the extra tools in Coowon web browser. The web browser gives you a control to speed up or slow down your game online giving you an enhanced gaming experience. It supports the external gamepads providing you a better and comfortable gaming experience.

Coowon simplifies the browsing with its various mouse gestures like double click to close the tab, drag to go, drag and switch the tab, etc. Being a Chrome based browser it also helps you recently closed tabs with a Restore Closed Tab button. It also allows you to login in with different accounts simultaneously on Coowon web browser. You can use your different mail accounts in different tabs in a single browser window.

Besides the regular web browsing features, Coowon brings a unique feature of screenshot capturing. This feature lets you make a screenshot from the currently open web-page. Furthermore, you can add test/shapes or even highlight any party in the screenshot. The tool allows you to share the screenshot on your social networks or to save it on your machine.

You can also Record your game using the game tools of Coowon web browser. It also allows Game botting.

coowoon online gaming


The floating window of Coowon web browser can show something interesting while the background is not busy and the translucent window let you adjust the transparency of open Window so that you can see background content along with the browser content.

Coowon may appeal to online gamers as it brings with itself many extra tools and utilities. You can download Coowon from here. Let us know how you enjoy the enhanced browsing experience and the enthralling gaming experience it provides, while playing games online.

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  1. Danny

    is it better than SRWare Iron in terms of privacy?

  2. Danny

    Yeah i installed it and on first run i found history of everything i did on my pc.

    C:\………fast and furious
    etc etc WOW!

  3. Mark Bassett (MarkyB)

    Gamers? The screenshot shows FarmVille….

  4. Skid Roe

    double-click to close a tab is a standard feature, not added by this version.

  5. Dave

    No thanks. Very buggy, plugins crash constantly.

  6. Gabriel

    Not in iron.

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