How to password protect Google Chrome profile

Google Chrome is among the most popular web browsers available for almost all mobile and computer platforms. When compared to the nearest competitor Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome used to lose because of not having any security at startup. However, now Google Chrome users can enable a startup password that will let them block unwanted users from accessing your bookmarks, search history, saved passwords or anything else. Follow the following steps to learn how to password protect Google Chrome profile to protect your privacy.

Password protect Google Chrome

Although Google Chrome’s App Store has tons of free extensions, this time, there is no need to use any extension since Google Chrome comes with such a feature that would get it done without using any third-party option.

UPDATE: This flag has been removed in recent versions of Chrome.

To do all the things as mentioned above, you need to take the help of Supervised Chrome profile that Google announced some time back. The admin account can view what the supervised users are doing using Google Chrome. More specifically, the admin can see which websites they opened, block them from installing extensions, and more. However, if you want complete security, you have to create a supervised account, and then you would be able to lock down your profile. If you do not create a supervised account, you cannot password protect Google Chrome profile.

So first, you need to enable New profile management system. For doing this, enter Chrome://flags in the URL bar and search for “New profile management system” on the browser configuration page. By default, it should be set to Default. Select Enabled from the drop-down menu, and re-launch the browser to get the change.

Password protect Google Chrome profile

After that, click on the three-dotted button, and select Settings. Here you will get a button called Add person under People settings. Click on it. Now, choose an avatar, enter a name for your supervised account and select Control and view the websites this person visits from

For your information, you have to be signed in with your Google account to Google Chrome to create a supervised account. Finally, click on the Add button to create the profile.

password protect Google Chrome profile

It will take few seconds to set things up, and then you will get a message like this-

password protect Google Chrome profile

Now, your old Chrome profile has been set and is password-protected automatically. If you want to lock down your profile, you need to click on your profile name that shows before the minimize button and select Exit and Child lock. Following this, it will be locked down immediately.

password protect Google Chrome profile

Now whenever you try to open your password protected Chrome browser profile, you will see a window like this-

password protect Google Chrome profile

Here you have to enter your password to access the particular profile.

What is your password?

Since you haven’t set any password during the whole process, you may be confused while entering the password. This Google Chrome profile password is same as your Gmail account password.

So the first time you log in, you may have to pass the 2-step verification if you have enabled it. However, from the second time onwards, it will not ask for any 2-step verification code.

Hope you find this tip interesting and useful!

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  1. after adding a supervised user, I simply do not get the “Exit and child lock” option. I keep seeing the standard “Manage people” option instead. I’m using Windows on a PC and have tried this several times with no luck. Could there bee a step in between adding a supervised user and seeing the child lock? Thanks!

  2. diwul62

    Probably the article should be updated as “New profile management system”
    does not exist anymore..

  3. Géraud Brugière

    Does anybody know if there is another way to protect profile as the “secure profile” extension is not working ?

  4. it’s gone i can’t see that setting is flags!

  5. Bruh

    This is sooo outdated…..

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