Most useful Google Chrome Flag settings for Windows users

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  1. SeppWinkler

    I have a problem with Extension Toolbar Redesign for long time ago. I never switched it on, but it activated automatically and I can not switch it off. Even if I switch it off or on, new design is activated, which is pretty annoying, because new design is terrible. I hate that the hidden icons are on the top of the burger menu and not in the separate menu on the end of the toolbar (asi it was in the old design).

  2. James LaBarre

    > When enabled, you can see some of the browser elements
    > are redesigned with a slight touch of material design.
    > Google is expected to launch it soon for general users.

    UGH… I hope you can shut it OFF. MaterialDesign is an abomination on the face of UI design. Whomever came up with it should be forever banned from touching a computer or any sort of design tool ever again.

  3. Shubhashis Biswas

    does anyone one have any tools like configfox to optimize chrome also…??

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