Best Chrome Flags tweaks for better user experience

If you are using Google Chrome and want to enhance your productivity, you should check out these Chrome Flags settings. By unlocking these hidden settings, you can customize the browser and do more with it. To get started, enter chrome://flags in the URL bar and hit Enter to open the Flags configuration page.

Chrome Flags tweaks for better user experience

1] Show page title of Omnibox suggestion

best Chrome Flags

The Omnibox helps users to search right from the regular URL bar. Generally, it displays only the page URL. However, if you want to show the page title of Omnibox suggestions, here is what you need to change. Search for these two options-

  • Include title for the current URL in the Omnibox
  • Omnibox UI Vertical Layout

Alternatively, you can enter these in the URL bar-

  • chrome://flags/#omnibox-display-title-for-current-url
  • chrome://flags/#omnibox-ui-vertical-layout

By default, they should be set to Default. You need to change it to Enabled.

2] Material design

Although Google Chrome uses Material design, you can play with some settings to enable or disable it in certain places. You can disable material design on bookmark page, notification, extensions page, etc.

Search for material. You should find some options as follows-

  • Enable Material Design bookmarks
  • Material Design in the rest of the browser’s native UI
  • New style notification
  • Enable Material Design extensions

Alternatively, you can enter these in the URL bar to visit the settings directly-

  • chrome://flags/#secondary-ui-md
  • chrome://flags/#enable-message-center-new-style-notification
  • chrome://flags/#enable-md-bookmarks
  • chrome://flags/#enable-md-extensions

You can select either Enabled or Disabled from the drop-down menu to disable/enable material design in Google Chrome.

3] Enable QUIC protocol

QUIC is the consolidation of TCP and UDP protocols. According to Google, this is much faster than other protocols since it doesn’t consume much time before it starts exchanging data between the computer and the destination server. To enable it, search for Experimental QUIC protocol in the Chrome Flags page and enable it accordingly.

Its direct URL is:

  • chrome://flags/#enable-quic

4] Show Autofill predictions

If you fill up forms frequently, this feature would be helpful for you since it shows the text as placeholder text when filling forms in Google Chrome.

To enable it, either search for Show Autofill predictions or enter this in the URL bar-

  • chrome://flags/#show-autofill-type-predictions

After that, you need to enable this feature.

5] Import/Export password

Chrome Flags tweaks

If you have saved passwords in Google Chrome and you want to move them to another PC, here is how to get the import and export passwords feature in Google Chrome.

You need to search for Password export and Password import and activate them both.

These are the direct URLs-

  • chrome://flags/#password-export
  • chrome://flags/#password-import.

6] Enable picture-in-picture

If you often play videos and browse simultaneously, here is a simple solution that will let you do both easily. You can enable picture-in-picture and watch videos alongside other tasks.

Search for Enable picture in picture and enable the feature. Its URL is-

  • chrome://flags/#enable-picture-in-picture

After enabling, if you double-click twice on a video, you will find an option called Picture In Picture in the context menu. You need to select it to get the video in a popup window.

After enabling or disabling any feature, you must relaunch the browser to see the changes.

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