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How to disable about:flags page in Microsoft Edge web browser

Edge browser includes a hidden about:flags configuration page that lets you tweak the browser’s settings. As an administrator in your organization, you might want to prevent this from happening. The hidden flags allow users to enable or change experimental settings […]

Most useful Google Chrome Flags experiments for consumers

Most useful Google Chrome Flag settings for Windows users

Google Chrome is one of the popular browsers for Windows PC and the credit goes to its diverse set of features. Only a few people know that Chrome has some hidden experimental features which are primarily still in beta. You […]

Enable Save As Download Prompt in Edge browser on Windows 10

You can make Edge browser ask you where you want to save a downloaded file, by enabling the Save As Download Prompt on Windows 10. Whenever you download a file from the Internet, Microsoft Edge browser will directly start downloading […]

How to Change Background Color of Windows Photo Viewer

How to change Background Color of Windows Photo Viewer

Windows Photo Viewer is one of the most beautiful image viewers for Windows PC. Windows Photo Viewer is popular because of simplicity and neat & clean UI. If you are using Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP, you can easily use Windows Photo Viewer […]

Change Desktop Windows Metrics and Border Width in Windows 10

Windows 10/8 offers no settings panel which can help you customize or change Desktop Windows Metrics. In Windows 7, you could access it through Advanced Appearance Settings in the Window Color and Appearance panel. Using this panel, in Windows 7 […]

How to Enable or Disable CPU Core Parking in Windows 10

Core Parking is a new feature, that dynamically selects a set of processors that should stay idle and not run any threads based on the current power policy and their recent utilization. This decreases energy consumption and therefore reduces the […]

Get Windows 8 Like Start Menu on Windows 10

How to enable Windows 8 Logon Screen on Windows 10

The logon screen of Windows 8.1 has all the features, what you need to have to sign in to your PC, including one which lets you switch from one user account to another user account. On the other hand, Windows […]

Windows Tweaks and Advice of Doubtful Value

There are some Windows tweaks and advice which can at best be considered to be of doubtful value. Though most of them may not cause much harm, some of them, may actually hurt performance. Some of them may have worked […]


Fix: Windows apps take a long time to load

Some Windows users are finding that their Windows 8/10 apps take a long time to load. Yet other Windows 8.1 users are finding that their Windows Store apps take forever to load, after updating to Windows 8.1. When you launch a […]

Cannot remove Drop Shadows for Icon Labels on Windows desktop

We have earlier, talked about tweaking Visual Effects, disabling Show content while dragging objects and disabling Font Smoothing in order to enhance the performance of Windows 10/8.1/8/7. We came around an issue, where some users were facing problems trying to disable drop […]

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Start Menu and TaskBar Registry Tweaks for Windows 7

While there are several freeware Windows tweaking utilities, like our freeware portable Ultimate Windows Tweaker , available, there are some who just love to tinker with the Windows Registry. This article is for those such. Most of these tweaks are […]

How To Remove Computer From Windows Explorer Navigation Pane

Recently we’ve posted the trick on how to remove Network from Windows explorer navigation pane. Today, in this article, I am going to share you same trick for Computer option. The only difference between these two parts of explorer navigation pane […]

How to Edit the Text of Items in Windows 8 Charms Bar

It’s always fun tweaking our system modifying Windows dll’s editing texts, etc. People even took editing the start button text in Windows 7 as a challenge – untill we released the Start Button ToolTip Text Changer. In this article I’ll […]

Default Programs Editor for Windows 7 & Vista

Default Programs Editor is a powerful but simple file association utility for Windows. It is a context menu editor, an autoplay editor, and default programs association editor. Default Programs Editor This free software, makes it easy to fix file association […]