How to use Wolfram Alpha knowledge engine

We can find any sort of information on internet with just few clicks. Normally, we use Google Search or Bing Search engines to find any information. Based on your search terms, Google provides you the matching links to your query which redirect to specific websites. There is another way to find information and it is through Wolfram Alpha.

Google is a search engine where as Wolfram Alpha is a Computational Knowledge engine. It is different from any search engine as it gives you the result exactly matching your query, where as search engines provides you links to websites matching every word of your query. I tried it for few days and came to understand how it is different from search engines.

Wolfram Alpha

How to use Wolfram Alpha

You just need to enter your query in the search area it has provided and hit enter. It gives you the result matching your query and you will be amazed by the way it works. It does not provide links to websites rather it shows the result of your query in the same window under your search query. I will take you through 10 best ways to use Wolfram Alpha and you can explore the rest.

Complex Mathematical Calculations

Wolfram Alpha is best to compute any sort of Mathematical calculations from simple to complex. It makes Google Calculator look down with results it has provided. It even gives graphs for the equation if necessary. You can enter any equation and it gives you the result. You can use Wolfram Alpha to find answers for math problems and solve equations.

Calculate Mathematics Wolfram Alpha

Generate Passwords

You can use Wolfram Alpha to generate random passwords. You can frame the search query on how lengthy password you want. It also allows you to set specific conditions password rules and it generates the password based on the rules that have been set.

Generate Password Wolfram Alpha

Comparison between 2 terms

Wolfram Alpha allows you to compare two terms and you need to enter vs between them to find it. For example, you can use it to find the difference between two websites regarding the number of visitors, location of website and some basic information.

How to use Wolfram Alpha

Food and Nutrition

You can know nutritional value of any food item or fruit. You just enter names of fruits or any food item and it gives you the full information by comparing them. You can give as many items as you want.

Food and Nutrition Wolfram Alpha


You can get the value of IP Address by asking Wolfram Alpha as Where Am I? It gives you the location of your PC and also the IP Address. If you give IP Address, it gives you the location. You can use Wolfram Alpha in any way you want.

IP Address Wolfram Alpha

Uniqueness of your name

Wolfram Alpha helps you in finding uniqueness of your name. You can see how many people have your name. It shows you the graph of popularity of your name over the period of time. If you enter two names, it compares and shows the popularity of those two names.

How Unique is your name

Family Relationships

Use Wolfram Alpha to find family relationships. It even gives you the family tree to get you the clear picture of the family. Enter the query to find the relationship and gives you the clear answer with a graph. It uses Genealogic relation to give the result.

Family Relationships Wolfram Alpha

Play with Words

If you are stuck while playing with words, then Wolfram Alpha can help you. If you want to find the meaningful word formed by the scrambled letters or words starting and ending with specific letters,anagrams and for many more Wolfram Alpha can help you.

Find words wolfram alpha

Know about Music

If you want to find any information about the music, use Wolfram Alpha. Want to know more information about the specific chord? Then, enter your query in Wolfram Alpha and it gives you the best result.

Know about Music Wolfram Alpha

Shopping Information

Wolfram Alpha helps you finding the information about a specific product, its price, number of models available and much more information. If you enter more than one product, it even compares them.

Shopping Information Wolfram Alpha

These are some of the best ways to use Wolfram Alpha. You can visit the examples page of the website to find what all you can do and some more ways to use Wolfram Alpha. It is different to search engine in some ways and the work done by the team is really impressive.

There are many other ways you can use this and you can see plenty of such examples here at

Please, let us know what you think of Wolfram Alpha and your experience with it.

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