Tips on using the Inspect Element of Google Chrome browser

Google Chrome is designed for not just for regular internet users but also for web developers, who often create a website, design blogs, etc. The Inspect Element or Inspect option of Google Chrome assists users to find some information about a website which is hidden from view. Here are some tips on using the Inspect Element of Google Chrome browser for Windows PC.

Inspect Element of Google Chrome

1] Find hidden JavaScript/Media files

Inspect Element of Google Chrome

Many websites show popups if the visitor stays on the web page for more than 15 or 20 seconds. Or, many times an image, ad or icon, opens after clicking somewhere randomly. To find these hidden files of a web page, you can make use of the Sources tab of Inspect Element. It shows a tree-view list on the left-hand side that can be explored.

2] Get HEX/RGB color code in Chrome

Inspect Element of Google Chrome tips and tricks

Sometimes we may like a color and may want to find out its color code. You can easily find the HEX or RGB color code used on a particular web page, using the native option in Google Chrome. Right-click on the color, and click on Inspect. In most of the times, you will get the color code on the right-hand side with other CSS. If you do not see it, well, you may have to use some free color picker software.

TIP: Take a look at these Color Picker online tools too.

3] Get web page performance improvement tips

Inspect Element of Google Chrome tips and tricks

Everyone loves to land on a website that opens fast. If you are designing your website, you should always keep that in mind. There are many tools to check and optimize page loading speed. However, Google Chrome also comes with an inbuilt tool that allows users to get tips to improve the website loading speed. To access these tools, go to Audits tab, and make sure Network Utilization, Web Page Performance, and Reload Page and Audit on Load are selected. Then click on Run button. It will reload the page, and show you some information that can be used to make the page faster. For instance, you can get all the resources those are not having any cache expiration, JavaScript that can be combined into one file, and so on.

4] Check responsiveness

Inspect Element of Google Chrome tips and tricks

Making a web page responsive is crucial, nowadays. There are loads of tools those can check whether your site is completely responsive or not. However, this tool of Google Chrome helps users to know whether the site is responsive or not as well as check how it would look on a particular mobile device.Open any website, get Inspect Element tab, click on the mobile button, set the resolution or select desired device to test the web page.

5] Edit live website

Inspect Element of Google Chrome tips and tricks

Let’s assume that you are creating a web page, but you are confused about the color scheme or navigation menu size or content or sidebar ratio. You can edit your live website using the Inspect Element option of Google Chrome. Although you cannot save the changes on a live website, you can get carry out all the editing so that you can use it further. To do so, open Inspect Element, select the HTML property from the left-hand side and make styling changes on the right-hand side. If you make any change in CSS, you can click on the file link, copy the entire code and paste that into the original file.

Inspect Element of Google Chrome is a real companion of every web developer. It doesn’t matter whether you are developing a one-page website or a dynamic website, you can certainly use these tips.

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