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Code Compare lets you Compare and Merge Source Code

When it comes down to writing code, there will come a time when programmers will want to compare different pieces of code. Not everyone will have the right tools to get this done in the most efficient manner. Therefore, some […]

Dev Tools in Microsoft Edge(Chromium)

List of DevTools in new Microsoft Edge (Chromium)

The new Microsoft Edge is built using Chromium open source project, and if you are developer, here is the list of Dev Tools in Microsoft Edge (Chromium). A few new tools have made their entry into the DevTools list. It […]

GTK Runtime Environment

What is GTK+Runtime Environment? Does your computer need it?

GTK+ is a runtime environment that applies to a number of operating systems. If you create an interface for a program, GTK runtime should be installed on the users’ computers so that the program runs. Most computer manufacturers do not […]

find all git commands in one place git explorer

Find all Git Commands in one place here at Git Explorer

Git is the well-known version control system followed by many organizations which make multiple users work on shared code easily. It is used not only by organizations but also by individuals to tracks files in local and upload them to […]

How to set up and use Docker Desktop on Windows

Are you a developer and getting started with containerization? Containerization is the new trend these days and it makes your existing application system-independent and more reliable. If you are just a beginner and getting started with tools like Docker, then […]

Windows ADK for Windows 10 v1809

What’s new in the Windows ADK for Windows 10 v809

Whenever there is a requirement to customize Windows installations at the last moment while deploying it across the entire organization, administrators can face a hard time. To overcome such unfortunate events Microsoft offers some automation tools like Windows ADK. Windows […]

Microsoft Graph: Everything you need to know

We have already seen Microsoft bringing in many services focused on consumers and enterprise in the market that sometimes it becomes difficult for us to keep up with different services on different devices. Microsoft launched Windows Phone way back. People […]

SciTE is a free Text Processing software for Programmers

When you are looking for a free text processing software, Notepad++ or Sublime Text comes handy for any kind of programming. However, if you want to try something new and do not want to use traditional apps for your scripts, […]

Best Code Editors for Windows 10/8/7

Every software needs an editor to write code on. Every developer irrespective of their experience have a preference of code editor where they write the code. Some editors support only one or two languages. Some editors support multiple languages and […]

OpenSSH on Windows 10

What is OpenSSH? How to enable & use OpenSSH on Windows 10

If you are a hardcore developer, you might have already noticed that Microsoft has finally added support for SSH connections on Windows 10. It is an integration of OpenSSH on Windows 10 which comes with the release of the Windows […]