Copy and Paste as plain Text in Chrome, Firefox browsers

To copy and paste text, we either use the Copy and Paste context menu items or we use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V keyboard combinations. But when we do this, the formatting is normally preserved. But there may be times when you do not want the formatting to preserved. Maybe you do not want to  use the font type, font size, font color, web links or preserve the other formatting options from the original web page.

The typical solution would be to paste this text first in a Notepad, and then copy this text to paste it elsewhere.

Most document editors, including Microsoft Word, do offer special paste  options, when you use Ctrl+Shift+V, which let us paste text as unformatted text. Now if you are browsing the net, using Chrome or Firefox browsers, then they too offer you an easy way of copy-pasting as plain text without preserving the formatting. This post shows you how to copy and paste text as plain unformatted text when using Chrome or Firefox browsers in Windows 8 / 7.

Copy and Paste as plain Text using Ctrl+Shift+V

Earlier users had to use all sorts of extensions and plugins to be able to copy paste as plain text. But now, both these web browsers for Windows, offer an easy way out.

Simply use the Ctrl+Shift+V keyboard combination to paste the text, and you will be able to copy paste the text as plain unformatted text in Chrome or Firefox.

Copy and Paste as plain Text ctrl shift v

You can use this shortcut in any rich text editor in a web page, like your email web interface, Office 365 documents, Google Docs, etc, which is open in the browser.

Let us know if it is working smoothly for you.

See this, if you would like to check out how to use Firefox, Chrome, Opera as a Notepad.

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  1. I just usually copy what I need, then Right click the input field and select Paste as plain text!

  2. Rita Lynn

    This is why the old fashioned notepad came in handy.

  3. Lojix Net

    Nice tip, I usually bounce the text off Notepad first to drop the formatting. Just an annoying little extra step I’m used to, but I can skip that bit now.

  4. I’ve been using a little freeware application called PureText for years. I install it on every machine I build/use, configured to use the Windows+V combination to paste plain text.

  5. That is waht I too usually do. 😀

  6. Subodh

    That’s true.

  7. TrscoopFO

    In Firefox, Ctrl+Shift+V opens a window titled “Blockable items on current page.” Ctrl+Shift+V does not paste without format in FireFox version 45.0.

    One sentence could have answered this instead of wasting readers’ time.

  8. Then the post would have become too small. 😀

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