Google Chrome Shockwave Plugin Flash Video Crash Problem

Google Chrome is the one of the most popular browsers. It has speed, features  and loads of plugins to enhance its usability. It is this plus point of the browser that makes it susceptible to the most common problem – plugin crash. One of its plugins, the Shockwave Plugin, is many a times known to cause crashing Chrome.

A plug-in Shockwave Flash isn’t responding

You may have observed at times that Chrome fails to play certain media files due to the severe browser lag, displaying the following message in dismay – ‘A plug-in Shockwave Flash isn’t responding’. What causes this severe browser lag? Well, like other browsers, Chrome does not require additional Flash installation. It already has its own internal Flash installed which is updated with every new version of it.

So, if Chrome fails to make the distinction between the two Flash systems (its own internal Flash installation and the other) it confuses itself and attempts to utilize both the installations hence, the conflict.

If you too are facing the same difficulty, I advise you to read the article.

Google Chrome Shockwave Plugin Crashes

Run Google Chrome. In the address bar of the browser type about:plugins and hit Enter. A list of complete plugins installed will become visible to you.

Check the list for the Flash entry. If it shows 2 files, the plugin is getting crashed due to the conflict between 2 Flash installations.

To fix this, click on [+] toggle option, adjacent to Details link in the upper right-hand corner of the browser window.

This will expand the entries for the plugin. See the screen-shot below.

If you take a closer look at the screen-shot you will observe that of the two entries for plugin, one is for Google Chrome flash installation and other for the host Operating system’s installation.

Disable Chrome’s internal Flash installation which is located in Chrome’s AppData folder.

Once disabled, close the browser. Then, restart it and resume your normal browsing.

Hope this helps!

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