Google Chrome Shockwave Plugin Flash Video Crash Problem

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  1. Tuhinbagh

    I have only single version of flash, and “details” thingy is missing in DEV 20+ version of chrome!
    But you can switch to youtube HTML5 player to avoid this problem 🙂

  2. Oh man where was this like 2 weeks ago when I was going nuts trying to fix this problem. After many, many wasted hours I finally worked out the same solution. There were no hits on Google for the problem so I assumed it was something unique to my machine. Well, at least now I know I am not alone and Google will have to fix it. I came within minutes of going back to Firefox permanently.

  3. PS – my problem was slightly more insidious. The plugin wasn’t always crashing making the root cause obvious. I was getting video with no audio mostly…that made it a little harder to figure out

  4. Colsworld

    Great help, thanks for the info.

  5. It really worked for me, also chrome is a bit faster after that modification. Thanks!

  6. Paul M

    I only have one version of flash but Chrome is still crashing all the time for me. Seems I am the only one this is happening for 🙁

  7. Niknaxbiz

    Thanks, this was big help! Really appreciate the step-by-step illustration. 🙂

  8. ji

    I have only one version, too. what to do??? it’s starting to annoy me…

  9. Howard_Beal

    I agree this fix still does not sort the problem.

  10. Randomxxxtask

    what a load of gash it fixes the problem unitl you close chrome…… then when you reopen chrome the problem is back far far far better to dump the whole browser as the useless crap it is

  11. Bo

    Best results #1: go to plug-ins and select ASK ME
    Best results #2: and set chrome with a LOW priority + Affinity to only one processor access

  12. gummy

    Thanks so much for this. The plugin crash problem was driving me CRAZY (had to restart my laptop everytime it happened to reactivate sound) and I was so torn about going back to Firefox, considering it runs much slower on my machine than Chrome does.

  13. gummy

    Yeah I’m glad I found this solution. Good God, it was very annoying.

  14. Ms Bigham

    I have looked and have only one version on flash plug in, so now what?

  15. johnson dell

    For Free Browser Tech Support Contact Us: 1-800-935-0537

  16. Emily

    Tip: do not add a space when typing in “about:plugins”. It wouldn’t work for me when I was typing it as it appears in this article

  17. Sorry about that – I have removed the typo. 🙂

  18. NiggaWithoutAttitude

    I know this is an old post, but let’s hope I can get a helping hand in 2015. So I watch most of my stuff on Vodlocker, probably 95%< of my TV is watched on there, but it has a very annoying habit of becoming laggy. This is not the player, but in fact Shockwave Flash instead as the adverts are lagging in the exact same capacity and even at the same time in most instances. I found this tutoiral last night and tried it out, but instead of resolving all of my issues I'm left without a fully functioning full-screen option. When I try, it is full screen on the tab and the tab only. The tab bar is still there, everything that would be on this page. It is annoying as hell, some help would help me massively!

  19. Durgen Jensen

    “why would you buy a more expensive banana that tastes worse and has less nutrients in?”

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