How optimize & make Chrome browser run faster – A Visual Guide

In this article on tips to make Google Chrome browser run faster, we will show you how to optimize Google Chrome settings for better performance. Plenty of extensions and apps are available for Chrome and hence, is tempting to add many for speeding up different tasks. However, adding too many extensions actually slows down the browser. That does not mean you should not add extensions but you sure can disable them when you don’t need them.

Besides the extensions, there are many plugins that are not visible by default. The Settings menu does show you how many pages are running in the background but that is not the overall count of plugins and extensions. Some extensions are loaded per tab thereby slowing down your browsing speed.

Note that the performance of other applications on your machine can also slow down Google Chrome. To fully optimize Google Chrome, you may need to identify such apps and either remove them or set their process priority to “Below Normal” or “Low”. You can change the process priority of applications using the Task Manager.

I will not advise you to change the priority of Google Chrome to optimize its performance. This is because the Windows Task Manager fails to recognize different processes related to Google Chrome and shows all of them as “chrome.exe”. Thus, you cannot identify which process is the browser shell and which one relates to different extensions and plugins. In such case, changing process priority of any “chrome.exe” will further reduce the browsing speed.

Optimize & make Chrome browser run faster

I created a video to explain it in a better way. Click the play button below to view the video. Do check it out.

If you still have questions on how to optimize Google Chrome, how to make Google Chrome browser run faster directly or by reducing the priority of other applications, feel free to contact us via the comment section below.

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