Fix: Your profile could not be opened correctly in Google Chrome


  1. worked fine for me with the first method, many thanks for saving me hours of time trolling through the net to make this work

  2. The Fix
    I found a fix that sounded less drastic than throwing away my entire profile. Two files have to be removed. That fixed my problem. The files are:

    Web Data
    Web Data-journal

    The files can be found in:
    Windows 7

  3. No more error after renaming C:UsersUSERAppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser DataProfile 1History file to History.old. Deleting just the Web Data file didn’t help, so i presume my history file was corrupted. I’m wondering if there is a way to fix the history file, ’cause I don’t wanna lose all my web history.

  4. its doesnt work for me. I try so many times. I even try to delete the chome, locate and delete evey file of him in program file, appdata and even regedit.

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