Reset Chrome browser settings to default in Windows 10/8/7

Google Chrome browser is considered to be a fast browser. But users did find it going slow sometimes. To address this issue, like the reset Internet Explorer and reset Firefox features, Chrome has introduced the Reset Chrome button. While you can always try and troubleshoot the Google Chrome Freezing or Crashing issues, if this does not work for you, Google now offers you an easy way to reset Chrome settings on your Windows 10/8/7.

Reset Chrome settings

This option is not enabled by default in Chrome 29. (Update: It is enabled by default in Chrome 30) To enable it, type Chrome://flags in the address bar and hit Enter. Look for the Enable Reset Profile Settings flag and click on the Enable link.


Restart Chrome.

Now type chrome://settings and hit Enter. Scroll towards the end and click on Advanced settings. Toward the end, you will see the Reset browser settings button. Click on the button to restore Chrome settings to default.


When you use this option, it will reset your profile to the post-fresh-install state.

Basically, the following will be done:

  1. Search Engine will be reset to default
  2. Homepage will be reset to default
  3. New Tab Page will be reset to default
  4. Pinned tabs will be unpinned
  5. Extensions, add-ons, and themes will be disabled. The New Tab Page will be set to open on Chrome start.
  6. Content settings will be reset. Cookies, cache and Site data will be deleted.

Although Google did introduce this feature a little late, it is good that they have introduced it. Now after Internet Explorer, both the other two popular browsers – Chrome & Firefox offer the feature to reset browser setting to default.

Windows 10 users – see how to reset Microsoft Edge browser to default settings.

TIP: If you are unable to open or start Chrome, type chrome.exe –disable-extensions in Run box and hit Enter. This will open Chrome in Safe Mode, with plugins, extensions, etc. disabled.

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Anand Khanse is the Admin of, a 10-year Microsoft MVP Awardee in Windows (2006-16) & a Windows Insider MVP. Please read the entire post & the comments first, create a System Restore Point before making any changes to your system & be careful about any 3rd-party offers while installing freeware.


  1. melodie

    my google cant even open how can i type this Chrome://flags

  2. If you are unable to open or star Chrome, type chrome.exe –disable-extensions in Run box and hit Enter. This will open Chrome in Safe Mode, with plugins, extensions, etc disabled.

  3. Tahir

    hi, I can open chorme but it does open blank , even if I enter any website, if does not open anything, actually it does not do anything, only the window is open… i uninstalled and downloaded it several times and after finishing installation the balloon appears “google chorme is crashed” after that it remain a blank window, does not open any page…… please help

  4. Uninstall Chrome. Search for any Chrome folders on your computer. delete them. Use CCleaner to delete junk and residual registry entries. Restart and install Chrome and see if it works fine. If not I suggest to switch to another browser then.

    Also see if something here helps you.

  5. Dan

    Sorry to be a late poster, but last night we got a hidden service driveby homepage hijacker; it left all else alone, and happened, of all things, in the latest version of Chrome-based Comodo Dragon (standard non-virtualized version). No listings in Dragon settings/extensions list; Win 7 home prem SP1 updated to current has task manager which could see but not kill it, nothing else could see the attacker…except Emsisoft Emergency Kit anti-hijacker module/killswitch. But it was necessary for Emsisoft to kill/delete Dragon in whole, as attacker cloned keys of Dragon; when present, it showed URL of “” followed by code string ending with attacker’s dot com as “ext”.

    Reinstalling Dragon made everything good except for lost MaskMe/Quickstar normal extensions data. Incredible it’s so easy for an app or ext to waltz by MY complex security just because it’s an AAAAAAAAPPP or extension; nobody much cares about security even of things then pretending to be an app or ext; nothing from EICAR test paks to real-world malware gets an inch on my PCs without at least a zillion step-by-step alerts, except an app or ext. Ludicrous!

    Anyway, I tried your (very good) advice for setting Chrome (which in Dragon looks the same but one gets there via ‘dragon://flags’; their current such page is identical to the one you picture, EXCEPT no entry whatsoever verbatim or in nature of ‘Enable Reset Profile Settings”, neither does Comodo Dragon offer this elsewhere; odd for a “secure” browser to rubberstamp any request for addons then not be able to do a thing if something goes wrong as part of “browser operations”.

    Doesn’t happen with IE11 for Windows 7, as I CAN go there and simply disable addons in internet options…attacker site accomplished nothing when I tried with IE11. Maybe Comodo browsers aren’t as safe as touted, as I’ve heard Mr. DesElms note; he seems keen on Iron browser, so I may give that a try instead of Dragon as secondary browser.

  6. Thanks for your inputs Dan. It is surprising to learn that Dragon does not offer the ‘Enable Reset Profile Settings’ option!

  7. Dan

    No problem, I try to speak only when something might help others. In such regard, as a final post on the subject, at the Chrome extension store I since have found an extension called “Script Defender”; it got very good ratings at a recent Wilders Security Forum topic titled: ‘Script Defender For Chrome’; I’ve added it to Comodo Dragon, took the six tests in Wilders topic link, and it passed; I next went back to the same site as last night with Dragon and NO homepage change this time…Script Defender at all tests gives no alerts, but just my setting it to simply block scripts/plugins caused a “silent fail” for the silent drive-by site!

    The current Chrome “Script Defender” is free, version 4.0, and just came out updated a few days ago, and its tiny on system. I had to whitelist your site and Disqus to see comment icons/get into Disqus, but obviously I had no problems with Script Defender. It can also block iFrames and other things, but in my case Dragon/my layering actually does do all that and more. Script Defender has yet caused me no known conflict(s) with any legitimate Chrome plugin, OS, or otherwise.

    Perhaps more well-advanced computer users could try out Script Defender, and if it’s as good as it appears to be it could be an option for anybody using Chrome or Chrome-based browsers; I long knew Chrome has CSS (XSS) issues, but thought Comodo has addressed them in its take on Chrome; this extension for me has closed the one known pinhole in my system armor. Thanks again for letting me share this!

  8. Dinjy Gilani

    To reset Chrome windows 7 users should follow this:

    >>Click the Chrome menu and go to the three strip given at the right top.
    >>Select Advanced Settings.
    >> Scroll down to the bottom for “Reset browser settings” section.
    >>Click on Reset browser settings.

    windows 8 users too can follow the same process after opening launching browser.

  9. Hardik

    How can I back up and restore my full chrome data (bookmark,settings,extensions,apps,histery) manually? Via App data folder.

  10. Chuck 59

    I dont have the “Enable Reset Profile Settings”

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