Detekt: Free anti-surveillance software for Windows


  1. A different forum made me aware of Detckt over the past weekend; it scored well at the time I ran the .exe at VirusTotal; for me on a Windows 7 64 bit SP1 Home Premium updated thru current MS security updates, it at least allowed a good peek into my BG layer (found nothing hiding) without crashing said OS, as lately GMER and MBAM Anti-Rootkit Beta have been doing recently when scanning registry. Looks like a good extra security layer on sub-Win8 editions, but even its maker at download indicates movement of hackers in response to this newest and EFF-inspired manual BG scanner may outpace devs and updates. Also good for the purpose where possible are Kaspersky TDSS Killer, Microsoft monthly Malicious Software Removal Tool, and manual McAfee “Stinger” (portable, now has option for full-time free beta monitoring with component ‘Raptor’ which can be removed to just have scanner…but for over a month it no longer checks automatically for updates, which come out every few days as usual, and you have to go back to McAfee site for each new version). Cheers!

  2. Never a problem; and thank YOU for that great TWC Screen Capture tool you came up with, it still works as well as ever BTW.

    I realize I didn’t mention alternates for older/smaller PCs which might have GMER/MBAM Anti-Rootkit issues these days; of course GMER when working is great for detecting anything at all running in BG, but though not checking for exact named spywares, the following also might help people worried of FinFisher and things even criminals use/invent: free and super-quick BitDefender Bootkit Removal scanner (simply looks for a type of kernel patch); Trend Micro Rootkit Buster Beta (looks quickly for kernel patching, hidden files, and hidden services); and McAfee Rootkit Remover (which looks for anything at the user-level that might be missed); all are free and exe/portable manual scanners.

    What’s worked for me on smaller WIn7 machines has been first to increase pagefile to 1.5x to no more than 3x installed non-video RAM, then running the following together: Comodo CIS, HitmanPro Alert Beta, and Windows Defender…in two years no BSODs from such concurrent use, no noticeable slowdown, and although these aren’t my complete armoring I’ve found nothing has gotten by the said three working together. Can’t guarantee everyone would have same results, but I hope some find that kind of layering useful in keeping out what scanners look for, in the first place. Cheers again!

  3. Curiously, when I clicked on the link for downloading Detekt for Windows, I got a message like “Unable to connect – Problem loading page”. No matter how many times I try or how long I wait between tries, the outcome is the same – cannot load page and download program. Would that mean something like my PC is being hacked/watched/remotely controlled? Don’t want to be paranoid, but it seems that way…

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