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Add pictures to Sticky Notes on Windows 10

How to add images to Sticky Notes on Windows 10

Windows 10 now lets you copy pictures or images from any website & paste them directly into Sticky Notes. This can be handy at times when you are researching or collecting data on a topic. If you are interested in […]

Skype not sending messages in Windows 10

You may have faced an issue where you find that Skype is not sending messages. This issue is common with Skype for home users, and the most probable cause has been having low or no internet connectivity. But if you […]

Windows laptop turns off when unplugged

If you are facing the problem where your Windows 10 laptop turns off when unplugged, even with a new Battery, then this post could be helpful for you. The most obvious reason for a laptop shutting down immediately after unplugging […]

Ghost Touching bubbles

How to remove Ghost Touch bubbles from Windows 10 tablet

One of the worst annoyances of touch-enabled Windows 10 devices is ‘Ghost Touching’ on the screen. It’s the random phenomenon where the computer screen starts flashing bubbles like spots around the edges of the screen with the mouse cursor bouncing […]

The dependency service failed to start on Windows 10

Windows runs a lot of programs in the background as Services. Some Windows Services depend on another service to work. It is similar to how one department in a company need help of another department to complete its job. When […]

windows 10 light mode theme

Windows 10 v1903 features removed or planned for replacement

As Windows move from one feature update to another, it adds new features, and remove some features. These features are usually removed when there is a better alternative or existing functionality won’t work with future hardware. The same has happened […]

Automatically Change Active Hours Windows 10

How to automatically adjust Active Hours in Windows 10

Windows 10 v1903 has introduced a lot of features around Windows 10 Updates. One such feature is to adjust Active Hours based on your computer activity automatically. This can be useful as it tells the OS when to install Windows […]

Something went wrong with the projection error

Something went wrong with the projection error on Windows 10

Windows 10 is made with the aim of building an operating system to enhance a user’s productivity. Hence, modern computers running Windows 10 have capabilities to wirelessly project their screen to an external display. Microsoft has a pre-installed and dedicated […]

Power Saving Switch is changed

Power Saving Switch is changed issue on Windows 10

Updating Windows 10 can sometimes be a troublesome experience. Some users reported to us that soon after they finished installing an update, they started seeing Power Saving Switch is changed box on their computer screen. If if you reboot, the […]

Spacebar or Enter key is not working

Spacebar or Enter key is not working

Spacebar and Enter keys are used the most times, and they go unnoticed by anybody who is using a computer. We only realize the value of these unsung heroes of our daily computing when they stop working. It is an […]

View RAW image files on Windows 10

How to open and view RAW files on Windows 10

The RAW image file format contains a minimal amount of processed data from the camera hardware and hence brings in high quality and more detailed images. This is the reason RAW image files are usually very high in size. If […]

We couldn’t find your OneDrive folder

We couldn’t find your OneDrive folder

The most annoying issue is one which isn’t there, but you keep getting it. One such error is — We couldn’t find your OneDrive folder. The error message pops-up now and then, according to forum reports, and could appear after […]

Known issues with Windows 10 v1903 May 2019 Update

Microsoft has released Windows 10 v1903, and it comes with an array of new features and functionalities. Microsoft is currently rolling out the update to all the users; however, the rollout is slow. As part of its transparency, Windows comes […]