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Windows 10 Weather app is not working or opening

Keeping up with the weather is very important, especially at a time when global warming is a thing, according to the experts. The best way to keep up with the weather on Windows 10, is to use the default Weather […]

How to connect to a cellular network on Windows 10 in S Mode

How to connect to a Cellular Network on Windows 10 in S Mode

Microsoft launched Always connected PCs in partnership with OEMs which comes with Windows 10 & in built-in LTE Advanced. This helps the user to maintain a continuous connection wherever you go. Depending on the network, you can get speeds up to […]

How to install Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi 3

The Internet of Things is a collection of interconnected smart devices. When a device is connected to the internet to enhance its abilities, it is called a smart device. Smart devices come in various sizes – as small as a […]


DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL Stop Error on Windows 10

This article contains step by step instructions on how to fix DRIVER IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL Blue Screen error caused by iaStorA.sys, iaisp64 sys, Netwtw04.sys, nvlddmkm.sys, ndis.sys, wrUrlFlt.sys, etc., driver files on Windows 10/8/7. This indicates that a kernel-mode […]

Use Windows Spotlight as Desktop Wallpaper Slideshow

The beautiful images that you see on your lock screen now and then come under the category of Windows Spotlight. These stunning images come from various sources from the aspects of photography of famous, historical, and other kinds of subjects. If you […]

Rocket League not working

Rocket League not working on Steam in Windows 10

Rocket League is one of the most popular video games out there, and this has much to do with its impressive multiplayer gameplay, and the fact that the developer supports cross-platform play between Windows 10 (Steam), Nintendo Switch, and Xbox […]

Error message

Fix Unknown Hard Error in Windows 10

Unknown Hard Error appearing in Windows 10 can be an unpleasant situation. The occurrence of it leads to sudden disappearance of Desktop icons, freezing of the taskbar and blackening of the screen. Every time you attempt to launch Windows, the […]

Run command not saving history Windows 10

Run command not saving History in Windows 10

Auto-complete is one feature that makes executing same or similar commands easy. Whether you are typing in the Command Prompt or on Run prompt if what you are typing matches with previously executed command, you save a lot of time. […]

Fix Windows 10 crashes when waking up from sleep

Windows 10 crashes after waking up from Sleep

If one of the recent updates or upgrade to Windows 10 PC results in getting a Blue Screen as soon as you wake it from Sleep, then it’s a clear case that your driver is causing an issue. In a […]

Cortana Search Bar Turned White

Cortana Search Box turned white on Windows 10

The Black Theme is one of the favorite themes of Windows 10 users, and if you see anything which is white it gets annoying. Take a case of Taskbar which is usually dark, but when you look at Cortana search […]


Error 0x800F0923 on Windows 10 during Upgrade or Installation

While upgrading Windows 10 if you see Windows Upgrade or Installation error 0x800F0923 on your Windows 10, know that it is because a driver or other software on your PC isn’t compatible with the upgrade to Windows 10. Here is the working […]

Error 0x800F0922

Fix Windows 10 Update Error 0x800F0922

Many users connect to the internet on Windows 10 PC using VPN. This means your region could be different from your actual Windows 10 region. If you are facing issues updating your PC in this kind of environment, then this […]