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Storage Reserve in Windows 10

Reserved Storage in Windows 10 explained

‘Failed Updates’ comes across as one of the major issues plaguing Windows 10 users during its upgrade. It occurs when not enough free storage is available for the task to be completed. This is set to change as Microsoft has […]

Fix Unsupported video type or invalid file path error

Some servers don’t have an associated MIME type to support MP4 files. As such, they fail to play MP4 files. To correct this, you’ll need to configure the MP4 MIME type in IIS. This tutorial walks you through the process […]

Cannot load management console

Cannot load Management Console in Windows 10

Trusted Platform Module or TPM is a specialized chip used for security, and encryption of user private data such as Fingerprint, Facial data and so on. It also comes with a Management Console, and if you cannot load the Management Console, […]

Windows 10 installation stuck on Set up a Pin

When you fresh install Windows 10 on a computer, it lets you set up a PIN just before you can start using it. In case the Windows 10 Installation gets stuck on “Set up a Pin”, then this guide will […]

Empty or blank dialog boxes with no text

Empty or blank dialog boxes with no text in Windows 10

Dialog boxes are used in Windows to send messages to us. However, if you receive empty or blank dialog boxes with no text in Windows 10, it’s very annoying. It’s going to be tough to choose between Yes and OK […]


Fix Windows Update error 0x80092004

The reason for Windows Update error 0x80092004 could be many, but generally, it’s not your hardware or installed driver software. Microsoft releases updates which are either not supposed to go out, or you install them when you hit the Check […]

Fix lsass.exe terminated and High CPU or Disk usage issues

LSASS.exe or Local Security Authority Subsystem Service is a process on Windows operating system. It is valuable in enforcing the security policy on the computer. When a user logs in to the Windows Server, it is responsible for handling the password changes […]

Something went wrong while trying to turn on Spatial Sound

Something went wrong while trying to turn on Spatial Sound

If your Windows 10 computer supports Dolby Atmos, and you want to use it on the Home Theater, few settings have to be changed. However, if you get an error Spatial sound isn’t working, Something went wrong while trying to […]

Windows 10 doesn't Start or Stops responding on Surface

Windows 10 doesn’t Start or Stops responding on Surface

Surface, the premium laptop from Microsoft, comes with its own set of issues. One of the most annoying issues is when Windows 10 doesn’t Start or if it does, then it stops responding on Surface. It’s really troublesome because it can […]


Fix Windows 10 Upgrade error code 0xc7700112

If you receive error code 0xc7700112 while trying to upgrade Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, then this post offers a fix that may help you resolve the issue. This error code may appear when you […]

Command Prompt and Windows PowerShell

Difference between Command Prompt and Windows PowerShell

Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7, all ship with Windows PowerShell out of the box. Along with it, came the Command Prompt which was a successor to MS-DOS Command line. Often the presence of two command line tools in one […]

storport.sys bsod

Fix Storport.sys BSOD errors on Windows 10

Storport.sys is a system file that is related to storage of data on the storage unit of a computer. It is a file created by the Microsoft Storage Port Driver. However, there can be a number of reasons due to […]

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Windows 10 Upgrade Modern Setup errors & resolution

Upgrading or Updating Windows in Enterprise is completely different. IT admins have to make sure that the computers don’t get into much trouble before approving the updates. If the compatibility is an issue, what they get is popularly termed as Modern […]