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Troubleshoot TCP/IP connectivity

How to troubleshoot TCP/IP connectivity & configuration issues

When you need to make sure applications on the server can connect properly, the general troubleshooting doesn’t help. It calls for advanced ways to troubleshoot TCP/IP connectivity especially when you have a lot of timeout error. The connectivity issue could be […]

Mirror Boot Hard Drive for UEFI

How to mirror Boot Hard Drive for UEFI on Windows 10

This guide walks you through steps which will help you mirror Boot Hard drive on Windows (Legacy or UEFI). It is useful when the primary hard drive fails and will help you boot from the secondary drive. Just before we […]

0199, Security password retry count exceeded

Fix Error 0199, Security password retry count exceeded

The errors that are caused by the BIOS of a computer are really dangerous and annoying. This is because of the fact that these type of errors do not even let you load your operating system and throw an error […]

CPU is not running at full speed in Windows 10

Almost on any Windows laptop or desktop, the speed at which the CPU runs varies. You should know that CPU doesn’t run at full speed all the time. It depends on how the OS distributes the load, and it works accordingly. […]

failed to load dll

Failed to load DLL file on Windows computer

On Windows startup if your system cannot or is unable to load a required dll file and you see a message – Failed to load DLL, then this post will help you. The error message could be: The dynamic library […]

Fix Windows Update error 0x8024A10A on Windows 10/8/7

Like many other services in Windows, the Windows Update Service may at times stop behaving properly. This can cause Windows Update error 0x8024A10A. This error code indicates that the Windows Update Service is shutting down. If you face this issue, […]

Fix Windows Update error 0x80244007 on Windows 10

Windows Update errors aren’t uncommon. Some are easy to resolve, while others need a lot of time and research towards resolutions. One such tough to fix case is with Windows Update Error 0x80244007. This error simply halts the Windows Update […]

Fix Windows Update error 0x80080005 on Windows 10

There are a number of things that can go wrong with the Windows Update module of Windows 10. Out of a number of fixable errors, Error 0x80080005 is one of the errors whose cause is dependent on a number of factors. The […]

How to set up an Internet connection on Windows 10

How to set up an Internet connection on Windows 10

When you get a new Windows computer, the first thing you would want to do is set up an Internet connection. If that’s the case, you should know that Windows 10 offers many ways to connect to the Internet. In […]

Troubleshoot port exhaustion

Troubleshoot Port exhaustion issues in Windows

Any network connection made between computers (TCP or UDP protocols), it is done through the ports. Imagine these as entry points or gateways which is used by a service or application. As more client connections are made, the ports shortfall […]

Fix Windows Management Instrumentation error 1083

There can be instances where upon attempting to open a Windows Service such as Windows Management Instrumentation, you get the error with the following message – Error 1083: The executable program that this service is configured to run in does […]

configure RPC dynamic port

How to configure RPC dynamic port through Firewall using Registry

Many server applications and remote administration use Remote Procedure Call dynamic port allocation. Even though dynamic, it’s essential they follow a range rule as the customers or client machines can make sure the Firewall does not block these ports or ranges. […]

create a registry key

How to create a Registry Key in Windows 10

The Windows Registry is a collection of settings that Windows and applications can use. It is a directory which stores settings and options for the operating system for Microsoft Windows. It contains information and settings for all the hardware, operating […]

The server did not register with DCOM within the required timeout

Sometimes after upgrading your Windows OS, the System Logs under Event Viewer may display the following error message: Event ID 10010 error – The server did not register with DCOM within the required timeout. What does this DCOM error message signify […]

How to troubleshoot Remote Procedure Call errors & problems

If you receive RPC server is unavailable message, then this post shows how to troubleshoot Remote Procedure Call failed errors & problems on Windows 10. RPC or Remote Procedure Call is a network-based programming model which allows point-to-point communications between software applications. […]

Videos folder missing from Windows 10 File Explorer

By default, the Videos folder can be seen under ‘This PC’ in Windows 10, but on a few occasions, it somehow gets replaced by ‘Documents’ folder. As such, you see no Videos folder under ‘This PC’ but duplicated ‘Documents’ folder. […]