Anti Tracks Free: Protect sensitive data, privacy, online identity, computer usage pattern

Anti Tracks Free edition for Windows will help delete browser cache, history, Windows usage traces, Office traces, application history, hidden data, privacy and more. Let us see how it can be useful.

Every time you work on your Windows computer or browse the Internet, you leave tracks behind on your computer. Every time you search on your PC or open or create files, you leave traces behind. Every time you visit a website or view a video, you leave tracks behind. These traces can serve as an open book to anyone has access to your computer and knows where to look for. Using the in-built Disk Clean utility may help you clear your cache, history and delete other unwanted files, but it still leaves a lot behind.

Windows leaves behind many traces behind, every time you work on your computer. Maybe its the searches you performed, sites you visited, applications you opened, videos you viewed and more – you leave tracks behind. While the built-in Disk Clean utility may help you clear your cache, history and delete other unwanted files, it will not help you clear out all your traces and tracks.

This is where a tool like Anti Tracks can help you. Anti Tracks focuses on cleaning up your traces completely and is meant for those privacy conscious individuals who don’t want to leave any tracks behind. It need not be compared with any other Disk Cleaners.

Anti Tracks Free


Anti Tracks Free for Windows, will allow you to permanently erase ALL browser cache and history, Windows usage traces, Microsoft Office traces, third-party application usage history, tracks of hidden data, and more – without any chance of recovery even with the help of the most sophisticated computer data recovery tools. It includes a Password Wallet, Startup Wizard to help users setup the product quickly and Multiple Secure Erasing Algorithms. The UI is very pleasing to look at and quite easy to use too.

Anti Tracks Free allows you to conceal or hide files or even securely delete data. It also includes a set of advanced security tools that allow you to securely hide sensitive files and folders, permanently delete files, an uninstaller, a startup manager, and more.

The tools includes a Track Eraser, Disk Cleaner, Data Concealer, Spam Eliminator, Track Concealer, Space Analyzer, Uninstaller, Startup Manager, System backup Manager, Duplicate File Finder, Shortcuts Cleaner, Disk Wiper, Password Wallet, File Shredder, and more.

The latest version of Anti Tracks 9.0.1 Free includes many new features such as:

  • Junk files cleaner
  • Duplicate files cleaner
  • Broken Shortcuts cleaner
  • Empty folders scanner and cleaner
  • Disk space analyzer
  • Disposable email Id creator
  • System backups manager

The disposable email feature not only offers a disposable email generator, but it also includes a web mail access which the users can use to Send / Receive emails using their disposable email accounts. In addition, the company has completely renovated the application interface and given it a cool new look.

The first time you run Anti Tracks, you will be greeted with a 6 step wizard, that will present you with a variety of options. At every step you will be asked to select and save your cleaning preferences. These relate to Windows OS, Browsers, Office, Other installed software and plugins You can select and choose all that you wish to delete and then save your settings. having saved your settings once, the next time onwards, it becomes a one-click cleaning operation. You can of course, always change these settings in the future, through the programs UI.





Overall, I think the tool is great. The only thing I would have loved to see in it is a 1-click cleaner, where clicking on a single button would have executed all the pre-set cleaning options.

Anti Tracks Free download

If you are security conscious and want to protects your sensitive data, privacy, online identity and computer usage pattern, you want to check out Anti Tracks Free from its download page. Using it, will eliminate any risk of having sensitive information recovered by permanently removing all traces on your Windows computer. The free version has all that you need. Its Pro version mainly includes Support and an IP Concealer, which you could do without. Check it out and let us know what you think of it!

You might want to also check out Privacy Eraser and Glary Track Eraser as they too will help protect your Privacy with one click.

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  1. Not Sure

    How does this compare to CCleaner?

  2. CCleaner offers more option. This tool is geared towards cleaning up Privacy related traces on your PC.

  3. Jim Boyd

    It doesn’t…CCleaner is a superior product.

  4. Mary Marvin

    What does CCleaner have that this product doesn’t?

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