Uninstall multiple Windows Store apps in Windows at once

Windows 10 / 8.1 lets you remove or uninstall multiple Windows Store apps at the same time. This feature was not available in Windows 8. You had to uninstall each Metro or Modern UI or Windows Store app individually, and this could turn out to be a rather tedious affair if you wanted to remove many apps. Sure, one could always remove multiple Windows Store apps using a PowerShell script, but this was not something everyone could do.

Realizing the need for this feature, Microsoft has introduced an easier way, that allows Windows 8.1 users to uninstall multiple apps quickly.

Uninstall multiple apps at once in Windows 8.1 / 10

To remove or install multiple apps at the same time, open the Start Screen and right-click on the app tiles, which you want to uninstall. If you find that, not all your tiles have been pinned to the start screen, move to the All apps screen, by clicking the arrow towards the bottom on the screen.

Once you have selected the apps, in the menu bar which appears at the bottom, click or tap on Uninstall.


You will see a confirmation screen. Click on Uninstall.


If you are signed in using your Microsoft Account, you will also see and option Only from this PC. Make your choice and click on Uninstall.

All the selected Windows Store apps will be uninstalled at once.

UPDATE: After applying Windows 8.1 Update, the start screen will appear as follows. Press CTRL key and right-click on the apps you want to uninstall.

uninstall multiple apps windows 8.1

The other procedure remains the same.

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  1. Ni Vas

    How to delete ‘old versions data’ of apps in windows 8 without disturbing the latest one to save disk space? Apps like facebook, skype frequently keep updating, but windows does not delete them as a rolling back feature!

  2. katieInAthens


  3. john

    I can’t get the menu bar to appear???

  4. Jonathan Klush

    Try app too. AppxManager – Windows Store Applications Maneger –

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