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Ransomware Tracker helps you track, mitigate and protect yourself from malware

Ransomware Tracker is an online resource that keeps true to its name. It majorly tracks, mitigates and blocks all the identifiable sources of Ransomware that might be interfering with your work online.

Ransomware Tracker serves the following purposes:

Track Ransomware

Ransomware Tracker regularly tracks and shortlists all the IP addresses and domain names that are linked to ransomware attacks in the past, including all Botnet C&C servers, distribution sites and payment sites. By using the data sourced with Ransomware Tracker, ISPs, hosting providers and other concerned legal authorities or internet agencies can easily keep a track on the various sources of attacks, and block them if needed.

These are the various ransomware sources that Ransomware Tracker currently tracks:

Mitigate Ransomware attacks

Along with tracking and regularly updating the sources, Ransomware Tracker also helps mitigate awareness of the attacks on both users and enterprises, helping them avoid ransomware threats. The golden rule is performing backup frequently and never paying any ransoms. Paying ransoms will create a never-ending loop wherein more and more ransomware hackers can flourish and possible cause unprecedented damage to your data.

Tips for Users

Tips for Enterprises

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Block Ransomware

Ransomware Tracker isn’t just about listing down threat sources or informing users about the threats; the tool also provides you effective programs to block these activities. This blocking software allows enterprises to block malicious traffic towards their servers by blocking them directly on the Firewall, web proxy or in the local DNS server.

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The chart below shows the number of malware samples per Ransomware family processed by Ransomware Tracker in the past 90 days.

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