NetChecker: Diagnose Internet Connectivity Problems in Windows 8 | 7

It’s often difficult to diagnose a failing Internet connection. You simply see a page not loading for you, displaying any one of the following bothersome messages – “Address not found”, “Timed out connections” or if you are an Internet Explorer user – “Internet Explorer cannot display the Webpage”. You may even notice a small ‘X’ marked on your Internet connection icon. Whatever the message is, all messages suggest the same problem, problem with your internet connection!

Various factors could be responsible for this dismal problem like, the firmware drivers, the hardware device, etc. But how can one diagnose it? Well, here’s a tool available for your help. Its NetChecker!

NetChecker is a simple text-based software to  diagnose, check and repair Internet connectivity problems. The program is capable of identifying most common connectivity problems of wired and wireless broadband internet and if possible resolve them in right time. Mobile internet and Dial-up connections are not supported though.

The application does not use any third-party tools but Windows shell utilities that come pre-installed with Windows.

Diagnose, check & repair Internet connectivity problems

NetChecker tries to resolve problems depending upon the issues discovered/found. At first, you need to download the application and run the program.

Once up, you can see a command line window displaying the list of actions that you would like the application to perform right away.

NetChecker main window

If you would like to generate a detailed packet loss and health statistics, simply enter a website address.

NetChecker 2

A packet loss of 1 or more percent is reported at network card <hop 0> or router <hop 1> please run the test again. If packet loss at <hop 0> and <hop 1> is consistent across tests then, either the components need a firmware update or need to be replaced.

NetChecker status check

Loss at <hop 3> and beyond should be reported to your ISP.

NetChecker download

To download NetChecker, visit its  home page now!

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The author Hemant Saxena is a post-graduate in bio-technology and has an immense interest in following Windows, Office and other technology developments. Quiet by nature, he is an avid Lacrosse player. Creating a System Restore Point first before installing a new software, and being careful about any third-party offers while installing freeware is recommended.


  1. One of my earliest posts on this website, I believe, was a complaint about how you guys mislead the reader with your “only the most recent versions of Windows really matter” arrogance.

    This article’s headline: NetChecker: Diagnose Internet Connectivity Problems in Windows 8 | 7

    Yet when I visit the app’s website, I find that it works with XP and Vista, too; and not just Win7 and Win8.

    Please don’t go down that arrogant path again. Please.

    Gregg L. DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

  2. Hemant saxena

    Its not arrogance. started talking about Windows Vista only. This site focuses primarily on Windows 7 and Windows 8. Freeware and tips discussed here may support earlier Windows versions, but we will test it on Windows 7 | 8, and so will continue to talk of the latest versions of the Windows OS, which around 87% of this sites visitors use.

  3. HEMANT SAXENA WROTE: This site focuses primarily on Windows 7 and Windows 8.

    MY RESPONSE: No it doesn’t. Please don’t pee on my leg, and then tell me it’s raining. This is “The Windows Club,” not “The Windows 7 and/or 8 Club.” I’ve been around here a long time. Trust me, I know where I am. You, on the other hand… well… not so much. Get a compass and map… it might help.

    HEMANT SAXENA WROTE: Freeware and tips discussed here may support earlier Windows versions, but we will test it on Windows 7 | 8, and so will continue to talk of the latest versions of the Windows OS, which around 87% of this sites visitors use.

    MY RESPONSE: If you do, you’ll do it at this site’s peril. My concern has nothing to do with any of that, though. Test on whatever you want; and, indeed, specify that on which you test if you like. Knock yourself out!

    But here’s the bottom line: If you recommend a piece of software (or only write about that it exists, and then link us to where we can download it), then please bother to simply use your eyes and actually read, on the software maker’s website, all the Windows versions on which at least HE says his software will run, then report it in your story Is that too much to ask? I think not.

    And let’s just stop pussyfooting around, here, and boil it down to the larger and more important issue: Telling us, either by commission or omission/implication, that a given piece of software runs only on Win7/8 when it’s right there on its maker’s website that it’ll also run on XP/Vista, is either a lie or a mistake.

    So, is THAT what you’re saying is the currency of this website? Lies and mistakes? Hmm? Is it? Because if that’s what it is, then I think this site should fully disclose that so its readers may go elsewhere for their information… you know… someplace where they’re both not lied to, and they know that the writers actually care enough to bother to get their stories right.

    Regarding your ridiculous 87% statistic: Even if that number were accurate (which, trust me, it’s not) do you actually believe that ignoring 13% of all Windows users who run XP and Vista is actually something of which this site should be proud? Hmm? Really? To put that number in perspective: Roughly 13% of all Americans are black. Are you saying, then, that it’s okay for American newspapers to ignore all black people and their issues? Thirteen percent’s not a big enough number for you? It’s within your personal margin of error, is it? Hmm?

    Shame on you… both for that, and for your figuratively looking at me, here, with a straight face, and denying your arrogance.

    Sadly, it gets even worse for you, here. I don’t know where you get your numbers, but based on your not recognizing arrogance when you see it, I guess I’m not surprised by your mistake. The accurate number of mid-April 2013 desktop XP and Vista users whom you apparently think it’s okay to ignore is closer to around 43% of all desktop users… it’s just a tad more than that, actually. And since just under 90% of all desktop OS’s in use are Windows, then even the adjusted XP/Vista number is still around 41% or so.

    Forty one (or so) percent. Stop and just THINK about that number for a moment. Let it really sink in.

    Seems an awful lot like arrogance to me. I’m old and wise; been around a long time; eat young punks like you for breakfast. So I’m pretty sure I know arrogance when I see it. Indeed, I do.

    Here’s the straight skinny: As of mid-April 2013, just over 43% of all desktop computers were running either Windows XP or Vista. Only around one and a half percent more than that — 44.72%, to be precise — were Win7 machines. So, then, from that, right there, before we even continue, we can see that there is an approximately equal number of XP/Vista machines out there, on one hand; and Win7 machines out there, on the other hand.

    Win8 doesn’t even factor-in to any of that. But, speaking of Win8: a paltry 3.82% of all desktop computers in use in mid-April 2013 were Win8 machines. Not even 4%. That’s but a single percentage point greater than the typical margin of error of a routine socio-political poll conducted by Gallup.

    Mac OSx accounted for only 6.99% of all desktop OS’s in mid-April of 2013, and the rest — only around 3.2% — was Linux and “other” OS’s.

    I’d throw-in Windows phone/tablet (in other words, “mobile”) users for you, in the vein hope that their Win8 numbers might somehow help your side of this argument, but since only 1.14% of all mobile phone OS’s are Windows of all versions, it hardley seemed worth the trouble since even if 100% of them were Win8 users, it would only raise the Win8 percentage fractionally.

    We, the readers, expect you guys to get this stuff right; and to not have your heads blindly in the Microsoft cloud (and you’re welcome for how I cleaned that up from what part of Microsoft’s anatomy up which you ACTUALLY appear to have your head).

    Get. A. Clue.

    And just a word to the wise: Before we ever do this again, you and me, please bother to check, first, with this site’s owner, who knows me, and make sure you’re, as the lawyers say, “fully advised in the premises” regarding with whom you’re fixin’ to tangle. I tend not to lose these things. Ever.

    The word “arrogance” may or may not cover what it takes to ignore almost half of all Windows users in your article, here (and wherever else you’re committing this offense); but it most certainly covers the smoke you tried to blow up my youknowwhat, here. Most certainly.

    Please either be better at this, or go do something else. This site’s readers deserve nothing less.

    Gregg L. DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

  4. hemant saxena

    Please spare me from your breakfast menu, Sir … I’m known to give indigestion!

    Have a nice day!

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