NetChecker: Diagnose Internet Connectivity Problems in Windows 8 | 7

It’s often difficult to diagnose a failing Internet connection. You simply see a page not loading for you, displaying any one of the following bothersome messages – “Address not found”, “Timed out connections” or if you are an Internet Explorer user – “Internet Explorer cannot display the Webpage”. You may even notice a small ‘X’ marked on your Internet connection icon. Whatever the message is, all messages suggest the same problem, problem with your internet connection!

Various factors could be responsible for this dismal problem like, the firmware drivers, the hardware device, etc. But how can one diagnose it? Well, here’s a tool available for your help. Its NetChecker!

NetChecker is a simple text-based software to  diagnose, check and repair Internet connectivity problems. The program is capable of identifying most common connectivity problems of wired and wireless broadband internet and if possible resolve them in right time. Mobile internet and Dial-up connections are not supported though.

The application does not use any third-party tools but Windows shell utilities that come pre-installed with Windows.

Diagnose, check & repair Internet connectivity problems

NetChecker tries to resolve problems depending upon the issues discovered/found. At first, you need to download the application and run the program.

Once up, you can see a command line window displaying the list of actions that you would like the application to perform right away.

NetChecker main window

If you would like to generate a detailed packet loss and health statistics, simply enter a website address.

NetChecker 2

A packet loss of 1 or more percent is reported at network card <hop 0> or router <hop 1> please run the test again. If packet loss at <hop 0> and <hop 1> is consistent across tests then, either the components need a firmware update or need to be replaced.

NetChecker status check

Loss at <hop 3> and beyond should be reported to your ISP.

NetChecker download

To download NetChecker, visit its  home page now!

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