NetAdapter Repair : All in one tool to troubleshoot and fix Network issues

When you use Windows to connect to the Internet, it is the Network Adapter and the corresponding hardware network chips that are your primary supporters in getting you online. At times, we come around various kind of network related issues, such as limited WiFi problem, outdated drivers, network lost when Windows wake up from sleep and so on. To troubleshoot and fix your Network & Internet connection problems, there is a free tool called NetAdapter Repair that can help you.

NetAdapter Repair


NetAdapter Repair All In One is a free tool that can help you troubleshoot and repair problems with Windows networking adapters. It is especially designed to tackle your network woes and provide you trouble-free access to net surfing. We tested this open source software on Windows 10 and it fixed out the network problem on that machine smartly.

As you can see in the above screenshot, it offers a lot of options to diagnose network and connectivity problems. With NetAdapter Repair, you can:

1. Flush Windows DNS cache just with one click.

2. Reload NetBIOS and can easily reset Internet Options to default.

3. Clear Static IP Settings, route table and host’s file are not a big deal for this utility

4. Renew and release DHCP address and change to Google DNS for all adapters.


5. With Advanced Repair, which is the most important part of this software, you can resolve almost many networking problems at once. You can repair WinSock/TCP, clear Proxy/VPN settings and repair Window Firewall.


When you use the Advanced Repair option, many settings are changed by this software which helps you to resolved multiple issues. Hence a reboot is a must after it.

You can download it from Since this is a third-party tool, we recommend you create a System Restore Point first before using it.

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