Cannot connect to Internet? Try Complete Internet Repair Tool for Windows PC


  1. thanx, it really is a great tool, but its called “Complete Internet Repair” not “Computer Internet Repair”.

  2. Hey, this tool is absolutely outstanding! I’ve had a problem loading webpages but ping to a site like Yahoo would be fine. I ran all the anti-malware/crapware apps I could find. All the usual troubleshooting steps were no bueno. I was at the point of reinstalling Win7 and didn’t have all the install exe’s for the multitudes of software I’ve become comfortable with over time. This programs saved me a huge headache. THANK YOU, Anand! I appreciate it.

  3. Time to move on…. Someone needs to repair this website’s downloads. That IS…. attach the right Zip files to the files requested to download! What a sad way to scam the users!!!!

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