Cannot connect to Internet? Try Complete Internet Repair Tool for Windows!

If you are facing internet issues on your computer, there are several things you may try. The built-in Network & Internet Diagnostic & Repair Tool in Windows 8, Windows 7 & Windows Vista will help you identify the potential issues preventing network connectivity, and it automatically takes appropriate steps toward correcting them. Or you could flush the Windows DNS cache, enable or disable IPv6, reset WinsockReset TCP/IP, reset Hosts filereset Windows firewall settings to default, Reset Internet Explorer  or follow these tips to resolve Network & Internet connection problems. But there is another freeware that can help you fix Internet connectivity problems called Complete Internet Repair. Like our FixWin, this tool offers you a 1-click fix!

Cannot connect to Internet

Cannot connect to Internet

Complete Internet Repair is a portable tool that lets you repair some common, but annoying internet problems with your computer. This utility can repair almost any problem related with the internet and Internet connectivity. Of course, it goes without saying that hardware issues like loose cables or broken wires are to be manually checked by the user.

Often we face Internet connection problems. This could occur due to service providers problems, some hardware issues, failure of DNS lookup or due to the operating system. Maybe some software or malware is blocking you from connecting to the Internet! The problems could be many!

Many a time some software or malware can corrupt or change your Winsock settings, DNS cache or Firewall settings. This tool lets you fix all this and more. Here is a list of actions that Computer Internet Repair can perform:

  1. Reset Internet Protocol (TCP/IP): This action can rewrite the registry settings used by the TCP/IP stack in order to perform a fresh start.
  2. Repair Winsock: Repairing Winsock can help you resolve the connectivity issues by recovering the corrupt data causing such issues.
  3. Renew Internet Connections: This will disconnect to all the internet connections and rest and renew them.
  4. Flush DNS Cache: This action will re-register all the DNS names and hence resolve the issues faced in opening websites.
  5. Repair Internet Explorer: The most useful action, this action will repair and re-register all the related DLL and other files for smooth functioning of Internet Explorer.
  6. Clear Windows Update History: Clearing the update history will resolve all the errors caused due to Windows Update.
  7. Repair SSL/ HTTPS/ Cryptography: This action must be used if you are facing some issues with the SSL websites like banking websites and all.
  8. Reset Firewall Configuration: This would reset the firewall settings to the default values.
  9. Restore Hosts File: This action will reset the hosts file to default values.
  10. Repair Workgroup Computers view: This action will refresh and update the Workgroup Computers View.

If your problem is still not resolved you can try the Microsoft Internet Connection Troubleshooter, a link to which has been provided in the software itself.

Complete Internet Repair Tool free download

Click here to download Complete Internet Repair. If your antivirus software issues a warning, rest assured that it is a false positive, says the publisher. But feel free to ‘not download’ the tool if you are not comfortable.

And remember what we always say? It is always a good idea to create a system restore point first before making any changes to your system, so that you can revert back, if the changes are not to your liking.

NetChecker is another free software that lets you diagnose, check and repair Internet connectivity problems.

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Anand Khanse is the Admin of, a 10-year Microsoft MVP Awardee in Windows (2006-16) & a Windows Insider MVP. Please read the entire post & the comments first, create a System Restore Point before making any changes to your system & be careful about any 3rd-party offers while installing freeware.


  1. x864

    thanx, it really is a great tool, but its called “Complete Internet Repair” not “Computer Internet Repair”.

  2. jwmort

    Both sources will not download because of a trojan attached to them.

  3. I am able to … my Kaspersky allows it. Maybe your security software is giving out a false positive.

  4. jwmort

    It’s my Sonic Firewall.

  5. Frank

    Hey, this tool is absolutely outstanding! I’ve had a problem loading webpages but ping to a site like Yahoo would be fine. I ran all the anti-malware/crapware apps I could find. All the usual troubleshooting steps were no bueno. I was at the point of reinstalling Win7 and didn’t have all the install exe’s for the multitudes of software I’ve become comfortable with over time. This programs saved me a huge headache. THANK YOU, Anand! I appreciate it.

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  7. Gracie Bthe Mutemi

    Thank you. Its really a great tool. It has helped me big time

  8. Ot Tap

    What a joke.

  9. Michael

    Time to move on…. Someone needs to repair this website’s downloads. That IS…. attach the right Zip files to the files requested to download! What a sad way to scam the users!!!!

  10. The download link is clearly mentioned in bold under “Complete Internet Repair Tool free download” … Click here to download …

  11. Michael

    For all to see Anand Khanse removed my post….. yep! another scam! so sad!!

  12. What post? What scam? What are you talking about? Make sense or stop spamming – and move on as you yourself said!

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    where’s the link?

  14. It says at the end of the post – Complete Internet Repair Tool free download. Click here to download ….

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