Windows 7 freezes at the Please Wait screen during logon


  1. the operating system stops responding at the “Please wait” screen that appears before you are requested to press Ctrl+ALT+DEL.

  2. Ronen and others wondering how to apply the fix, since you can’t boot into normal mode, and since you can’t apply fix’s in safe mode…

    What you want to do is boot into safe mode (Hit F8 at startup), and go into the control panel and click on the “Recovery” icon and then click on “Open System Restore”.

    In System Restore, click on “choose a different restore point” if necessary, so that you can get to a list of restore points. Each time there is an update installed or program installed, a restore point is added to this list.

    So from this point, you just back track down the list (a little time consuming) reverting backwards each update/install (which requires a reboot each time) untill you get a stable bootup.

    This can take a while, and each time you restore a previous state, it gets added as a new state at the top of the list, so i suggest taking out a piece of paper and writing down the list before you start.

    Once windows boots normally, you can apply the fix, and reinstall anything needed.

    Hope this helps.

  3. My computer used Win 7 and have this bug.
    I was ghost Win 7 but it’s not fix.
    Please help me fix this bug.

  4. My desktop(win7)64bit is stuck at “Preparing to configure Windows..Do not turn off your computer” this went on for 7 hours overnight and had to enter safe mode and restore from a restore point and I have done this 6 times since then its because of these latest updates it also said when I was in safe mode/Action center “Windows security Centre Service is turned off”so I clicked on Turn on and everything was back to normal,But when I just turn on my PC SAME THING -it does these windows updates and now it’s stuck saying Preparing to Configure Windows..Do not turn off your computer”with Spinning wheel.Please help my head is … I have already restored from system restore points4 times,please anyone with any help

  5. Hello sir….i am not able to install the update file after download for “Fix314380 from KB983551.” getting error ” this update is not applicable to your computer ” my system is Windows 7 Ultimate X64…..

  6. The hotfix is available for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, x86, x64 and ia64 platforms. Please ensure that you have downloaded the version applicable to you.

  7. Useless information. How can I install the fix if I cannot get to the desktop? I cannot install it in Safe mode!!!!! System Restore to a different point did not help. Now what?

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