What is Safe Mode in Windows? What are the different types of Safe Mode?


  1. Andy, after the Anniversary Update for Windows 10, a few days later, I started up my PC and was in Safe Mode! I didn’t make my PC go into Safe Mode, it was just there. I did all of the normal things, like checking Device Manager, the Registry and so forth. Nothing seemed out of order. I could not get out of Safe Mode. I had upgraded to Windows 10 Pro 64Bit, as a free upgrade. To get out of Safe Mode, I had to reinstall Windows 7 Pro 64Bit, since, none of my System Restores would work in Safe Mode.

    So, here I sit using Windows 7 Pro 64Bit and I can not upgrade back to Windows 10 Pro 64Bit without making full payment for the Windows 10. Needless to say, I am not pleased and I miss Windows 10. Is there anyway I can get Windows 10 Pro 64Bit back??? My Windows 10 was activated, so Microsoft has that on record.

    Please help me and others who may have had the same thing happen to them. Writing an article or telling where there is an article about retrieving Windows 10 (Home, Pro, Ultimate), after the free upgrade period has ended.

  2. @Juan Figueroa – Thank you so much. I went to the website suggested by you, downloaded the Media Tool and was on my way to retrieving Windows 10. It is now installed with my activation code and all the rest of the good stuff. :O)

  3. I very stupidly downloaded a driver upadate and now my new Dell laptop with Windows 10 will not let me even get to my desktop, let alone Start button. I’ve tried for days to get into Safe Mode and cannot get in. I am at the end of my wits. Please help. I think the video driver update was corrupted or something so it won’t let me view anything. Shouldn’t I be able to go to safe mode and restore and undo the driver update? but how to get to that if all I get is a blank screen. thanks so much

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