How to Enable and Boot into Safe Mode on Windows 10/8

By default, the Safe Mode is disabled on Windows 8. If you have tried to boot into safe mode by pressing the F8 key during Windows boot, you will find that that Windows Recovery Environment is what you get.

Enable and Boot into Safe Mode on Windows 8/10

There are two ways to boot into safe mode in Windows 10/8.

Method 1:

Open  MSCONFIG and under Boot tab check on Safe Boot.

Click OK and reboot now it will take you to the Safe Mode. Once you are done, and are in Safe Mode, uncheck that option to go back to Normal Mode.

Method 2:

Juan Antonio Diaz of Microsoft has posted another way on how to enable it on TechNet on how to enable safe mode in Windows 8 Developers Preview. Using this method you can set it so that pressing F8 will boot into safe mode and you can make this setting permanent. To do so, follow these steps:

Step 1:

Close all the application that is open.

Step 2:

From the Home screen just type “CMD” and Right click on it then on the bottom of the screen you’ll see advance click on it and click “Run as administrator

Step 3:

Then type in the following command:

bcdedit /enum /v

Now you’ll see tow descriptions, look under “Windows Boot Loader” and copy the Identifier entry in my case it starts with {72b4a7cd-….}

Step 4:

Now type in this command:

bcdedit /copy {72b4a7cd-e189-11e0-af56-eb8118bcf02b}  /d “Windows Developer Preview (Safe Mode)”

Replace the GUID with the one you copied.

Step 5:

Now from the same command prompt type in “MSCONFIG”. Then go to the Boot Tab and check the box where it says “Make all boot settings permanent” click on Apply and click OK.

Step 6:

Reboot your System you now when you press F8 you should see this Windows

Click on “Use another operating system” then select Safe Mode then your system will restart and login to Safe Mode.

Hope this helps!

Also see how to directly reboot in Safe Mode in Windows.

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  1. Hmm., will using easy bcd work with win 8?

  2. Vasudev

    Press and hold Shift+F8 to enter into safe mode in Windows 9 DP.

  3. Anonymous

    Thank you Vasudev.
    Better than “monkeying ” around with the BCDedit. works perfect!

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